Sewaholic Granville No. 4

Hello everyone,

For me few things look more together than a quick pairing of jeans (preferably clean) and a well fitting shirt. Having discovered a shirt that suits my lifestyle, I may have made a 4th Granville shirt :-).

The floral fabric was purchased from Ebay over a year ago and I cant say what sort of fabric it it. Its definitely cotton – not fine enough to be lawn and not heavy enough to be quilting cotton.

I have already regaled with the details of fitting here and made 2 further ones in paisley and floral so there is not much else to add.

Perhaps construction wise I made it a lot faster. I can’t imagine making a shirt without using flat felled seams. There is an almost meditative joy in flat felling for me. For the buttons I used repurposed Crew Clothing Co from an old old old shirt.

Some pictures taken a while back.Summers End 15 383

Summers End 15 389 Summers End 15 397 Summers End 15 403 Summers End 15 406 Summers End 15 408Summers End 15 343 Summers End 15 363

I quite simply love the Granville.

In other news I have realised that sewing is one of my favorite ways to refresh. When I am not doing things that I love, that feed my soul then…….well I’ve learned from experience that when I am depleted, I’m not the wife, mother, or friend I want to be. The more I feed my own soul, the more I have to give out.

The only problem is time. Since I can’t clone myself a la Multiplicity ( a great movie if you haven’t watched) or simply wish for more hours in a day – I must make the time.

We all know that doesn’t happen automatically. It needs to be planned, especially if you are responsible for the daily care of kids among other things. I find these stages of constant giving can be draining.  I haven’t yet quite figured out how I will do it but my thinking hat is on. Just the realisation was a huge shift for me. I now know I dont have to feel guilty about spending money on patterns or fabric or time in my sewing cave. Because it actually makes me a better person. On that note many thanks for reading this far into my ramblings.

Happy Sewing





Alder Shirt Dress No 2 finally bum ruffle dress


Hello chums!

I am super excited to share my second Alder shirt dress. Since making my palm trees & flamingos Alder in summer, it made me realise how much I like  love this pattern. Ergo I also made the bum ruffle version. My bust, waist and hip measurement fitted squarely into Size 2.

I didn’t change anything. At. All. Initially I considered bringing it in at the waist to give more shaping but I am so glad I didn’t get round to doing that. I love it exactly as is! Its so comfortable. The material is a John Kaldor I bought from Minerva Crafts on a whim. I fell in love with the teals, sea green and mustard on a deep navy background.  It works layered in fall and winter as well.

The  buttons were a true labor of love of me. Self covered buttons are nice to look at but not as easy to make! I used 11mm Pymm metallic ones and I doubt I shall repeat that experience any time soon. Were it not for that tedious section this dress would have taken less than 3 days to complete. But since my mind had fixated on self covered buttons and would not accept a substitute, I was stuck desperately pushing myself to complete one button a day. I rarely managed more than one button due to the frustration and sense of futility after 30 mins of wrestling with teeny bits of fraying fabric and only having a single button to show for it. There were 8 buttons………

I digress. Seriously though – as with the first one – this was so much fun to make (till the buttons). I followed the sewalong on the Grainline website which is excellent!

August blog photoshoot1 343


August blog photoshoot1 376 August blog photoshoot1 397 August blog photoshoot1 407August blog photoshoot1 404 August blog photoshoot1 411 August blog photoshoot1 413 August blog photoshoot1 426 August blog photoshoot1 432 August blog photoshoot1 436 August blog photoshoot1 4412015-11-03 08.35.06

On the horizon – I am quite excited about going to the Yorkshire spoolettes meet up in a few weeks. Ali who blogs over at  has arranged it so click on over to see details and maybe if you are free you could come along too :-). I am reliably informed that the more the merrier. This is going to be tricky since I am avowed (loosely) to only add 1 to stash for every 4 used. SO I guess I need to be cutting out a lot of projects in the next few weeks. Cutting out counts as used right?…..Right?……………….It DOES!………Right!?!……….<looks for support>……….

Thanks for stopping by!


A Christmas 2015 outfit featuring McCalls M6844 and M6886

Hello everyone!

I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and happy holidays. In the post Christmas slump  I have infused enough energy to post about my Christmas outfit – all made by moi 😉

I had been wanting to try out  Mccalls M6886 for some time. As a long term resident of my pattern stash – I was glad to finally get it on with this pattern. Its a good’un people. Simple but chic. I cut a straight size 8 and for a first go I am very happy. The embossed red scuba fabric has also been in my stash for a long time – I gave myself double points for double stash busting :-). I also made a M6844 cardigan in black to go with the dress. Having made one before here in red, there’s not much to say about except that it took me less than 2 hours to make from cutting to snipping last thread.

Construction wise I used my overlocker throughout except for the hems – for which a 2.5mm twin needle worked a charm.
One thing I would advice on the M6844 cardigan is to not interface the collar unless if you are going for quite a stiff look. I did not interface the collar band as it is double faced. For reference I used ponte fabric (again from stash :-).IMGP3463 IMGP3439 IMGP3432 IMGP3426 IMGP3411 IMGP3385 IMGP3379

The outfit came together so nicely. I felt very chic and elegant on Christmas day, which helped given how much chaos entails hosting Christmas for 13 people (one of them a vegan with a few food allergies).

As always thank you for stopping by this little bit of my interwebs! Did you make a Christmas outfit as well?

Happy sewing !


Oh and I have made a few loose goals for the year as follows:

  1. For every 4 of stash items used I can buy 1 new stash (patterns or fabric).
  2. Wear at least one accessory. (I am trying to be more stylish you see)
  3. Go to one sewing community meet up.
  4. Have more fun sewing and blogging.

*Any I should add?