A Christmas 2015 outfit featuring McCalls M6844 and M6886

Hello everyone!

I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and happy holidays. In the post Christmas slump  I have infused enough energy to post about my Christmas outfit – all made by moi 😉

I had been wanting to try out  Mccalls M6886 for some time. As a long term resident of my pattern stash – I was glad to finally get it on with this pattern. Its a good’un people. Simple but chic. I cut a straight size 8 and for a first go I am very happy. The embossed red scuba fabric has also been in my stash for a long time – I gave myself double points for double stash busting :-). I also made a M6844 cardigan in black to go with the dress. Having made one before here in red, there’s not much to say about except that it took me less than 2 hours to make from cutting to snipping last thread.

Construction wise I used my overlocker throughout except for the hems – for which a 2.5mm twin needle worked a charm.
One thing I would advice on the M6844 cardigan is to not interface the collar unless if you are going for quite a stiff look. I did not interface the collar band as it is double faced. For reference I used ponte fabric (again from stash :-).IMGP3463 IMGP3439 IMGP3432 IMGP3426 IMGP3411 IMGP3385 IMGP3379

The outfit came together so nicely. I felt very chic and elegant on Christmas day, which helped given how much chaos entails hosting Christmas for 13 people (one of them a vegan with a few food allergies).

As always thank you for stopping by this little bit of my interwebs! Did you make a Christmas outfit as well?

Happy sewing !


Oh and I have made a few loose goals for the year as follows:

  1. For every 4 of stash items used I can buy 1 new stash (patterns or fabric).
  2. Wear at least one accessory. (I am trying to be more stylish you see)
  3. Go to one sewing community meet up.
  4. Have more fun sewing and blogging.

*Any I should add?


33 thoughts on “A Christmas 2015 outfit featuring McCalls M6844 and M6886

  1. Perfect fabric for a Christmas outfit! You look stunning! The pattern on the scuba makes it look really expensive, or as they’d say in master chef, takes it to another level! (I’ve been engrossed for the first time this year and nearly swapped my sewing machine for new pans!) . 😀

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    1. New pans are always a good addition to the kitchen😃. I love cooking programmes too though I havent watched Masterchef for a while. I have arranged with hubs and barring floods and various other acts of god, I will be joining the Yorkshire spoolettes in Feb. Super excited! And thanks, I wish I had bought more of the scuba – perhaps I will find some come Feb 6. X

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      1. The floods have been horrendous, wish this rain would ease off, we could do with it falling as snow – the kids would love that!
        Will be fab if you can come, and I bet there’ll be loads of scuba! I’m off for a recki this Saturday so will be posting about it soon. X

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  2. Stunning outfit, that embossed scuba is gorgeous! No I didn’t make a Christmas outfit 😦 I did for my girls though 😀 And I did notice your necklace so that made sense when I read your goals – yay you’re achieving…. I should give myself that goal too – I’m really bad at accessorising. I’m wearing no jewellery at all, nothing in my hair… how boring!!


  3. That red fabric is the perfect shade and it looks great on you! I have the pattern for the cardigan but haven’t tried it yet. Your version is so cute, it will have to move up in my ‘queue’.


  4. Great outfit. I’m wary of scuba knit because I live in Florida, but I sure do like all the variations and textures that are appearing in the fabric. Your cardi is great, one of my fav patterns.


  5. Happy New Year! Love the embossed nature of the dress – red really suits you. The outfit looks festive but you’ll be able to get lots of wear out of it at work too? Got the same Clarks boots btw – we are clearly both Clarks fans!


  6. lovely outfic Hila, you do look very chick wearing them. I like the use of accessories goal, i have so many but never weare any of them! Happy New Year to you and your family!


  7. Wowza Hila! I have this pattern and material, and I wouldn’t look this good, strike that, great, in a million years! As we Yanks say, “you hit the ballpark” with this make! (I can’t wait to make mine now!)


  8. Great outfit – the embossed look of the red fabric is gorgeous.
    I also like your first challenge for yourself for the year of using four stash items before buying one new item. My stash of fabric (and patterns) is now too big for its storage cabinet so I think I probably need to use eight items before I can even consider anything new!

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  9. LOVING this whole look! And that action shot… it’s so cool the way the peplum just flutters behind you. 🙂 Also, congratulations on surviving Christmas. That sounded exhausting!

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