Alder Shirt Dress No 2 finally bum ruffle dress


Hello chums!

I am super excited to share my second Alder shirt dress. Since making my palm trees & flamingos Alder in summer, it made me realise how much I like  love this pattern. Ergo I also made the bum ruffle version. My bust, waist and hip measurement fitted squarely into Size 2.

I didn’t change anything. At. All. Initially I considered bringing it in at the waist to give more shaping but I am so glad I didn’t get round to doing that. I love it exactly as is! Its so comfortable. The material is a John Kaldor I bought from Minerva Crafts on a whim. I fell in love with the teals, sea green and mustard on a deep navy background.  It works layered in fall and winter as well.

The  buttons were a true labor of love of me. Self covered buttons are nice to look at but not as easy to make! I used 11mm Pymm metallic ones and I doubt I shall repeat that experience any time soon. Were it not for that tedious section this dress would have taken less than 3 days to complete. But since my mind had fixated on self covered buttons and would not accept a substitute, I was stuck desperately pushing myself to complete one button a day. I rarely managed more than one button due to the frustration and sense of futility after 30 mins of wrestling with teeny bits of fraying fabric and only having a single button to show for it. There were 8 buttons………

I digress. Seriously though – as with the first one – this was so much fun to make (till the buttons). I followed the sewalong on the Grainline website which is excellent!

August blog photoshoot1 343


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On the horizon – I am quite excited about going to the Yorkshire spoolettes meet up in a few weeks. Ali who blogs over at  has arranged it so click on over to see details and maybe if you are free you could come along too :-). I am reliably informed that the more the merrier. This is going to be tricky since I am avowed (loosely) to only add 1 to stash for every 4 used. SO I guess I need to be cutting out a lot of projects in the next few weeks. Cutting out counts as used right?…..Right?……………….It DOES!………Right!?!……….<looks for support>……….

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53 thoughts on “Alder Shirt Dress No 2 finally bum ruffle dress

  1. Love the shirt Hila! Looks great as a tunic sort of length too! Haven’t you got one of the ‘things’ to help with the buttons?? I’ve just had a look and minerva sell them….
    They make it so easy, I’ll fetch mine to Dewsbury if you want and show you!! Not long now….thanks for the mention! 😀

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  2. It would count if you had somewhere to keep it not on the stash shelves. Couture houses sometimes make handy calico bags [like we used to keep our P.E. shoes in] to put cut out garments and works in progress with notes pinned on what was inside and what was to be done. Perhaps a row of pegs in the work room might suffice? Love the dress, the buttons make it special too.


  3. This looks great and I really like that it goes so well with tights and boots as well. The buttons were definitely worth it but they do sound like hard work! I also like the pirate costume in the background of one of your shots!

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  4. That dress is super fun! I love the fabric you used and the bum ruffle version is just so much fun. Great job on those covered buttons. I’m sure I would have given up after the first one!

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  5. Your dress looks great – and I hadn’t considered using it as a layering garment but you have it nailed.
    I hate covering buttons and haven’t made any myself since I discovered Harlequin. They turn round fast, aren’t expensive, and make a better job than me. Oh, and they make belts. Fabulous.

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    1. Thank you! I finished this end of August so the pictures were taken first week of September – just took me ages to get to blog it. Weather is pretty rubbish here too.

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  6. Absolutely perfect! I adore everything about your dress ~ fabric, fit, & especially the “bum” ruffle. I really have not cared for the ruffle until your dress. Love it!


      1. Yes I will, but thinking of toiling version A first as I’m puzzling over the sizing. If I go by bust size the rest of the dress sounds a bit too roomy! Jen does stress in the sewalong to trust the measurement charts….

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      2. I do agree with Jen there
        . My first Alder made me realise that I should see what the designer intended before changing things around. Toiling is a great idea like that. Good luck!

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