Sewaholic Granville No. 4

Hello everyone,

For me few things look more together than a quick pairing of jeans (preferably clean) and a well fitting shirt. Having discovered a shirt that suits my lifestyle, I may have made a 4th Granville shirt :-).

The floral fabric was purchased from Ebay over a year ago and I cant say what sort of fabric it it. Its definitely cotton – not fine enough to be lawn and not heavy enough to be quilting cotton.

I have already regaled with the details of fitting here and made 2 further ones in paisley and floral so there is not much else to add.

Perhaps construction wise I made it a lot faster. I can’t imagine making a shirt without using flat felled seams. There is an almost meditative joy in flat felling for me. For the buttons I used repurposed Crew Clothing Co from an old old old shirt.

Some pictures taken a while back.Summers End 15 383

Summers End 15 389 Summers End 15 397 Summers End 15 403 Summers End 15 406 Summers End 15 408Summers End 15 343 Summers End 15 363

I quite simply love the Granville.

In other news I have realised that sewing is one of my favorite ways to refresh. When I am not doing things that I love, that feed my soul then…….well I’ve learned from experience that when I am depleted, I’m not the wife, mother, or friend I want to be. The more I feed my own soul, the more I have to give out.

The only problem is time. Since I can’t clone myself a la Multiplicity ( a great movie if you haven’t watched) or simply wish for more hours in a day – I must make the time.

We all know that doesn’t happen automatically. It needs to be planned, especially if you are responsible for the daily care of kids among other things. I find these stages of constant giving can be draining.  I haven’t yet quite figured out how I will do it but my thinking hat is on. Just the realisation was a huge shift for me. I now know I dont have to feel guilty about spending money on patterns or fabric or time in my sewing cave. Because it actually makes me a better person. On that note many thanks for reading this far into my ramblings.

Happy Sewing





23 thoughts on “Sewaholic Granville No. 4

  1. That’s a great shirt and the fabric is fun. Sewing, finding time, and guilt – – a topic I’ll engage in any day. It’s hard to find the time, but I agree, it pays off in your soul, which means you have more to give. The trick for me is finding balance so that I spend time sewing, but spend time engaging with life too. I don’t always get it right…:) but I have a great hand made wardrobe!

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  2. A perfect fit – really neat sewing too. I haven’t attempted flat felled seams yet – SO much still to learn. Thank you for your “ramblings” – mixing up life thoughts with a bit of sewing chat always goes down well x


  3. I’m sorry? You mean you are human after all? I thought you were superwoman! I think it being winter also affects our available sewing time. The hours and weekends seem to disappear without a needle lifted these days.
    Love the shirt. Relax in all the wonderful things you have made. This manic time will pass.


  4. You have so perfected the fit on the shirt, it looks brilliant! I am with you on the ‘need’ for sewing time. I know I’m a happier, calmer person when I get that time to myself but its so hard to get the balance, and to not feel guilty for taking time to yourself. But you’re right, it’s not something to feel guilty about!


  5. Another gorgeous shirt, I’m liking that style much more than the loose fitting archer I recently made. I may have to have a choose a different pattern rather than hack away my archer pattern to get a better fit in my next shirt.
    You’re spot on about the time issue, and sewing (or any hobby) making you a better person. I s’pose I’m lucky in some respect as I have more me time through the week when everyone’s at work/school but I miss out like now when I’m working. (It’s ***** at the minute so I can catch up on my blog reading – I can’t say the ‘q’ word). I think we all can put aside an hour somewhere in the day just for ourselves without it meaning we’re selfish. I find it easier now the hubby and H do their own ironing and we all muck in around the house. You’re obviously doing something right cos you produce amazing clothes and always have an infectious smile on your face…..keep it up! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀


  6. Hila, as always, just gorgeous. You know how much I love the Granville. I don’t know if this is an option for you, but once or twice a year I go to a beautiful bed and breakfast for three nights with my sewing machines and myself. I’m actually away at the moment, first night tonight! It recharges me. I’m allowed to make all the plans I want and then not do any of them if I don’e feel like it. I’ve got dresses cut out, some I might sew, some I might take home for another day. I also go and see movies that I love but don’t have the time to see when I’m at home. My partner takes care of the kids, I talk to them several times a day and they drop me off and pick me up. It resets me, and I’m a much better person for it. In fact, if I don’t go, my partner insists that I book myself in. It’s self care, self love and time for peace and quiet. I also madly sew between kids and cats and everyone when at home. I hope you find your balance. I am nothing without my sewing! Pips xxx


  7. I like this fitted style of blouse – looks great. It is so very important that we look after ourselves, physically and emotionally in whatever way meets our needs best. I agree that this makes us better wives, mothers, people. Good luck in finding your way.


  8. It looks amazing – a perfect fit! I am too scared of shirts to attempt to make one! As for finding time to sew – i find it really tricky,sewing helps me relax but i have so many other things that need doing! !!!!


  9. Oh it’s so pretty. Perfect pattern for you, don’t you know it! And I’m glad you’re feeling good for all the sewing 😀 it’s so therapeutic. Everyone needs that me time 🙂


  10. Lovely, just lovely! I finally bought the Granville pattern and have some fabric washed and ready to be made into it… once I get through some other projects in my queue first! I hope mine comes out as good as all of yours. 🙂


  11. Another lovely shirt!
    Congratulations on being so self aware – I’m much older than you and I can say it took me much longer to get there. Being a little bit selfish is good for the soul and the family. They get a wonderful, happy mum/partner and you get a magnificent wardrobe. Win win!


  12. Your Granville looks so great on you! I love the floral fabric. And I’m exactly the same way with using sewing as a way to refresh myself. Just a few minutes a day at my machine really makes a big difference in my sanity!


  13. I feel inspired to try a granville shirt for myself. The fit looks great and those flat felled seams are so neat! Ellie x


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