Truly Madly Deeply Burda 02/2016 #103 Top

Hello everyone,

When my February issue of BurdaStyle magazine came through the postbox, I eagerly tore it open. It was brimming with patterns I liked and felt I could make. The only problem was choosing which one to start with. Here are some of the ones I liked.

I would love to make this in bright jewel tone colours.
The dress has potential.
I am attracted to the high waited trousers.
The top has some nice design lines

I settled on this simple high low top.

Burda 02/1016 #103

I made in in a beige/ivory T-shirt weight jersey and a poly viscose. Both were stash items and I can’t even remember where I bought them. It was very fast to make. If I hadn’t used a twin needle it would have taken less than an hour to whip up from cutting.

We have had rather poor weather of late; most weekends have been dull and grey…not great light for pictures at all. Still at least the colour of the back is quite true to its vibrancy in the pictures so I was happy about that.

Burda 103 Top
I like how it billows in the breeze.
Burda Top 103 1
Incredibly comfortable allowing a lot of movement
Burda Top 103 a
BurdaSTyle 02/2016 #103 Top
Burda Top 103
Just love that drapey cheerful fabric 🙂
Burda top pleat detail
There is a pleat on the neckline – a nice feature of the pattern
Burda top twin needle hem
Indulge me and check out that twin needle action!!!!
Burda top
Could I be an happier with this?

This is a really easy top to sew as long as you take into account 2 considerations.

  •  Your fabric has to have flow and some drape to it otherwise it doesn’t work. The front is in a lightweight jersey – really quite fine. The back is a poly viscose. Dont you just love polka dots? Against a sunny gold yellow colour? This top cheers me up so much 🙂
  •  The sleeves are quite narrow – if I had a little bit more flesh there it would restrict movement.

The instructions were actually quite good for this. Although they do ask that you set in the sleeve (No Burda, I will not set in the sleeve on a thin drapey jersey fabric. I will do no such thing). So  I did them in the flat and it worked out OK.  I finished the seams on my overlocker. The hem is another twin needle success. Yes I know there is tunneling but its a feature I was totally going for! :-).

Verdict: Yet another hit for me with BurdaStyle. Sizing in spot on. I like this top – so much I have already cut out another one using my Yorkshire Spoolette fabric haul.

In other news I just found out about a Burda Challenge 2016 group on PatternReview (link here)  and I have joined up. It seems like it will be fun. Last year when I did the Burda Challenge I only managed 4 months. This year I want to do better and I like the interactive element of the PR forum board. So fingers crossed.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time

Happy Sewing!




More Selfless sewing: Ottobre Kids Design dresses

Hello everyone,

I am back with more selfless sewing for my kids. Sewing for children can be such a pleasure. They are small  so less fabric which means I can spend a bit more. There are no fit issues so I can just whip it up. But at the same time they are still growing. Still despite the fact they will almost certainly grow out of what I make within a year, I do love creating unique clothes for my twin girls. The opportunities to create similar yet different contrasting clothes is fun. I tend to buy the same fabric in different colourways and play around with that.

I actually made these last year in December for my twins’ birthday. I chose a sweater dress and ruched leggings from Ottobre 04/2014. I have made outfits from Ottobre before (link here) which I loved. ottobre
It is very difficult to photograph little children!

Xmas 2015 283
The Christmas dress didnt have the pocket or the elasticated hem.
Ottobre 04/2014
I also made them for Christmas dresses in deep red velour.

Xmas 2015 295
Xmas 2015 312Twins photoshoot 010
Twins photoshoot 011

Twins photoshoot 012 Twins photoshoot 006Twins photoshoot 013IMGP3226 IMGP3210 IMGP3189 IMGP3157

These little sweater dress get so many complements when we are out and about. A fellow mum at the Library was wondering why they dont make something like that in her size! I didn’t mention that I had made them myself – perhaps I should have?

These dresses are work horses. They have been washed almost weekly and hold their shape well. The fabric is like a quilted jersey. The neck and cuffs are in ribbing material. The instructions are really quite excellent in Ottobre and no doubt I will be returning back to making these as they grow older.

Thanks for stopping by! Now that I have blogged all 2015 makes I will be back soon with a parade of the results of my batch sewing experiments…….but until then……..

Happy sewing!




Spring Watch

Hello everyone,

Quick post sharing some of my spring spotting ventures. I desperately want out of the winter and have been looking for signs of promise of the warmer seasons. Though few and far between I felt happy to find these as I wanders round my garden

2016-02-24 12.23.56
2016-02-24 12.24.52
Frog spawn in the pond
2016-02-24 12.25.46
I am seeing a lot of frogs mating in the pond
2016-02-24 12.26.32
I think this is Primrose but I am not too sure.
2016-02-24 12.27.00
The Camellia bush on the north side of the house bloomed very early.
2016-02-24 12.27.16
Vibrant mini daffodils.
2016-02-24 12.27.25
Found some snowdrops in a little nook.
2016-02-24 12.28.35
More Crocuses. Purple ones are my favourite.

I hope you are also experiencing lovely signs of spring where you are.



Sew Sweet Handmade Clothes for Girls

Hello everyone,

I did some selfish sewing for my twins in January. I fell for the whimsical looking pictures in this Japanese Sewing book by Yuki Araki during a (very) late night browsing session. I must have purchased it then when my brain was transitioning between a fully conscious state and the sleep state. Imagine my surprise when I received a large Amazon box and after burrowing through the meters of brown paper wadding, I found this beautifully shot book of children’s patterns :-).

Its a good book and I like it. Though I have only made one pattern from it so far: the A line skirt. Before that here are some pictures of the book and my thoughts….

Sew Sweet handmade clothes for children
The back cover showcasing some of the lovely outfits. Everything that is shown in the pictures is a available as a pattern.
Sew Sweet Handmade clothing
The pattern sheet unfortunately has only 2 colours so you have to really concentrate to see which lines you are following. I used light pencil marks to see where I was
Sew Sweet handmade clothing
These are all of the garments in the book. Quite a good range. 22 patterns in total
Sew Sweet
There are instructions accompanied with each pattern. Good instructions in my opinion. The patterns have no seam allowances btw.
Sew sweet
Some patterns have more detailed instructions like this uber cute shirt dress.
Sew Sweet
One of the outfits I really like. Its made from Nani Iro fabric (though I dont think I would use Nani Iro for kids clothes because they grow so fast out of them!)
Sew Sweet
A picture of the skirt I made for my girls.
Sew Sweet skirts
First skirts in Teapot fabric. I put a little red ribbon trim on the yoke.
Sew sweet skirts
These were the second ones made in a rocket fabric. I used faux twin needle hem on one of them. Also went for contrast yokes.
All in all very happy with them.

I will be making more from the book. The designs are more appropriate for spring summer weather using light weight wovens. This is the first Japanese Sewing book I have bought. I think I will wait until I have made a few more things before looking at buying another one. To me they do seem like good value for money considering the number of patterns. Do you like Japanese Sewing books? Any particularly great one you would reccommend?

Thanks for stopping by this little corner of the interwebs!

Happy sewing!



McCalls M6886: A study in pink

Hello everyone!

After a resounding success with my last M6886 made for Christmas 2016 (link here), I immediately set to work on the next one. You see, its so easy and quick to make.

I had some pink ponte bought for £2/m at Leeds outdoor market. I am not normally a pink person but I wanted to experiment and see if I could make something in pink that I would like.

Before cutting the fabric I did a swayback adjustment of 1.5″ to reduce the puddling on the small of my back. I used Winifred Aldrich’s Metric Pattern Cutting book for instructions. Once cut out and sewn up I decided to break the colour a bit by giving it some borders. Enter the neck band and sleeve ends in black jersey. For sewing the neck band I used the technique I learnt while making my Lady Skater dress.

I really quite like the effect of the contrast bands. Took the dress from something I might wear occasionally to something I will definitely wear – it makes me feel like I have got moxie :-).

I finished the hems with a 2.5mm twin needle. While we are on the subject of twin needles: I have conquered that beast and can whip up a hem in no time at all. Boom! Just leveled up !

McCalls M6886
Pink M6886 worn with my black M6844 cardigan
McCalls M6886
McCalls M6886

I love the contrast sleeve bands. Can you tell why I need a walking foot?

I am not sure the swayback adjustment worked all that well but I am not bothered. I am happy with it.

Twin needled….like BOSS!!!

I have many more plans for this pattern – My next one will be  a v neck in the longer style. Am thinking in grey..maybe sleeveless…

I do believe this pattern has solidly made it into my TNT hall of fame 🙂 Welcome M6886!

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs! I will be back very soon with another completed project.

Happy sewing until then.





My first yoga wear make Burda 01/2016 Top 101A

Hello chums,

Yoga entered my life last year when I decided that I needed some form of excersize. I settled on yoga. It fit my schedule and I was able to attend classes. I hadn’t invested in any activewear for it but that has changed because I love yoga. I mean like really love it in a “Where have you been all my life? You complete me” kind of way.

Lucky for me the Burda January 2016 issue had a swathe of yoga wear patterns. Since being moved to the Ashtanga Improvers class I decided to make something in honour of leveling up.

Top 101A… This oversized top appealed to me because it looked so comfortable. I used a leftover fabric from when I made my first Moneta. This fabric washes well and I still wear that dress so I know this will last. Oversize Hoody 01/2016

Time wise It took me 30 mins to trace and cut the pattern. Just 20 mins to cut the fabric. Another 45 mins to whip it up. All seams were overlocked and simple zigzag for hemming.

Burda 01/2016 Top 101A
Burda 01/2016 Top 101A
BurdaStyle 01/2016 Top 101A
BurdaStyle 01/2016 Top 101A

It does it job really well. I start my practice wearing it and I can easily slip it off once I build up heat. For warm down at the end I easily pull it back on. Plus it has the front pocket. I will definitely be making another of the variation that has a hem band.

All in all I am pleased as punch. Next up I need to make yoga pants. Have you made any active wear recently? I have been looking at the Sewaholic range but am still undecided……..

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy sewing.



I am a Yorkshire Spoolette!

I started blogging purely as a way to catalog my sewing makes. In the past I had always been an anonymous reader of blogs but never really reached out and got involved……… Until I developed quite a few blog crushes and started reaching out to say ‘Hi’. You know that scenario right? You find a blog you like and start reading it. Maybe you get the courage to comment. Maybe the blogger comments back. I remember my arm hairs used to stand on end when I was new to blogging because it’s a blind leap of friendship that I’d taken and in my head, it was scary to reach out to a total stranger like that. Maybe she likes me too? Maybe she also reads my blog? It’s like the beginning stages of dating, right? Finds blog. Reads blog. Wants more. When you find a blog with that sparkle – that energy that you’re looking for, it can be totally awesome. Most non bloggers don’t get it though. Its so hard for them to understand or to believe that someone you have never met could be a friend……. Then there is this moment during the whole blogger friendship thing where you just want to meet your favourite bloggers.

Well I got the chance to meet some of mine in real life on Saturday 6th Feb 2016 in Dewsbury. It all started as most things do, serendipitously, after I had resolved to attend one sewing meet up this year. Just as I clicked off that thought, Ali posted her plan for a get together. Aries that I am, I  immediately confirmed my attendance; partly out of capitalising on the zeal of goal making and partially out of the knowledge that I would over-analyse with fear of the unknown ultimately swaying me to remain in my comfort zone. As a bonus I would tick off a major 2016 goal early in the year. Score!

As the day dawned, nerves started kicking in and I have to admit that on the day I was so nervous I couldn’t eat breakfast. Now you ladies know why I was gobbling down the snacks in Lucky Fashions!

I arrived at the rendez-vous  after  I got a little bit lost a little tour of the locale. Walking up to the cafe, my stomach was suddenly filled with butterflies. What if I cant remember their names? I walked in and the biggest issue confronted me – to hug or not? to kiss on the cheek or not? handshake? At lightning speed each option passed through my head. Hug? Handshake? Introduce myself? Lol! Like being a teenager all over again.

It is strange meeting someone who is actually a complete stranger yet you know them quite a fair bit, know what they look like but all that’s left is hearing the voice! In the end I just went with the flow and hugged :-). Once that bit was over, it was like sitting down with old friends and chatting away. I still cant believe we were in the coffee shop for almost an hour!

And oh gosh it was lovely! Meeting these women who make my life a bit more lovely and women that inspire me. It made me realise that these are friendships and connections that actually support my continued blogging. I loved meeting the persons behind the blogs I read and new blogs to catch up on. Sharing a passion, stimulating and complementing each other via the spoken word was a treat. I kept looking around and couldn’t believe that I was surrounded by all these crazily talented creative women. They were just as I pictured though prettier in real life. Some I didn’t really know all that well but everyone was so friendly.

The fabric shopping was amazing! I was in my element. These girls knew me and understood me – the need to caress fabric, to gaze, contemplate..mull over. was fantastic! We went to Fabworks and I got a lot of fabric. Despite all my purchases there, my parting thought was “I will be back……with a larger bag!“. I bought these from there. 2016-02-06 16.42.16 2016-02-06 16.42.48 2016-02-06 16.47.25 2016-02-06 16.47.36 2016-02-06 16.47.44

Next we went to Lucky Fashions where the lovely owner plied us with coffee, tea and snacks! I ate like a fiend. Could it be anymore perfect? Food + fabric + sewcialists = Heady brew! Forcibly restrained by my lack of cash I only bought these: Again I will be back!2016-02-06 16.40.42 2016-02-06 16.41.02 2016-02-06 16.41.29 2016-02-06 16.41.49

We went on to a pound a yard shop. No purchases here though they had some wonderful wools. All in all I was very impressed by the range and pricing. A new fabric destination discovered and its only 30 mins away.

We finally descended upon JD Weatherspoons with heavily laden bags bursting full of glorious silks, lush wools, sumptuous corduroys, sparkly denims, crisp cottons etc…….I had so much fun and while we were there Ali was hitting up some random strangers to take group pictures. Head over to her blog for more pictures. I was too shy to ask to take pictures until the very end. The only reasonably decent  one I got has a photobomber! That man is NOT.A. YORKSHIRE. SPOOLETTE.2016-02-06 15.35.59

Sewing bloggers, we are an odd bunch if you think about it. But a wonderfully odd group and I am eternally grateful that we have this community. I have found a ‘tribe’.

What do you think of meeting other sewing bloggers in person? Who have you met? Do you fell more connected after meeting them  when you read their blog? 

I cant sign off without saying a huge heartfelt thank you to Ali for doing what you do and sharing yourself with us the way you do, Sending you a Big HUG!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Happy sewing,


Selfless Sewing: McCalls M6044

Hello everyone,

I am so excited about sharing this shirt made for my hubs a couple of months back. I was nervous about making him a shirt but his hints were getting harder to ignore. Given how much he helps me with fitting and taking pictures I felt I must try.

The first issue was fabric. I didn’t see the point in working on a shirt before he had chosen a fabric. When he saw my Butterick B5984 birdy top fabric he loved it so that was that. He used to be a drummer in a rock band so its no surprise that he chose such fabulous fabric for his first me made shirt.

Next I made a muslin of the  McCalls M6044 – a versatile mens shirt pattern. I had to reduce arm length by 1.5″ and took in the side seams about an inch.
I managed to squeeze this shirt out of 1.5m of fabric hence the dodgey upside down birds on the button band.
Though I like the 2 piece sleeve it does not have a tower placket ~(will make one next time). The sleeves are flat constructed so this is a quick make plus its very easy to flat fell the armhole. I used flat felled seams thought out even on the sleeves😃😁. I cant say again how much I love flat felled seams on shirts now.

McCalls M6044
Such a goofball…..
McCalls M6044
Shake that booty….
McCalls M6044
It really is eye catching…
Collar and button band detail
Flat felled armhole
Cuff detail…
Back view
Turns out he too has always wanted a jump shot! Without the jumpsuit of course!
Interior armhole and shoulder
Inside side and sleeve seam flat felled
The placket is a simple one
Xmas 2015 322
Carving the turkey is hard work!
Xmas 2015 141
Fierce!…Rrrrrrr!….On Christmas day 2015 kitted out in mostly me mades

Pictures…not as good as usual fare since I was behind the camera. Still……

He loves it and couldn’t wait to wear it to work. They have dress down Fridays and he won The Most Awesome Shirt award for this shirt!

From my perspective he wore it and and uncovered another undisputed fact: “You look damn good, lover.

It also happens to be extremely comfortable.” came the reply.

So yes I will be making him more. Its a great shirt pattern that is easy to make.

I am happy with my selfless sewing. Have you done any selfless sewing recently?