Selfless Sewing: McCalls M6044

Hello everyone,

I am so excited about sharing this shirt made for my hubs a couple of months back. I was nervous about making him a shirt but his hints were getting harder to ignore. Given how much he helps me with fitting and taking pictures I felt I must try.

The first issue was fabric. I didn’t see the point in working on a shirt before he had chosen a fabric. When he saw my Butterick B5984 birdy top fabric he loved it so that was that. He used to be a drummer in a rock band so its no surprise that he chose such fabulous fabric for his first me made shirt.

Next I made a muslin of the  McCalls M6044 – a versatile mens shirt pattern. I had to reduce arm length by 1.5″ and took in the side seams about an inch.
I managed to squeeze this shirt out of 1.5m of fabric hence the dodgey upside down birds on the button band.
Though I like the 2 piece sleeve it does not have a tower placket ~(will make one next time). The sleeves are flat constructed so this is a quick make plus its very easy to flat fell the armhole. I used flat felled seams thought out even on the sleeves😃😁. I cant say again how much I love flat felled seams on shirts now.

McCalls M6044
Such a goofball…..
McCalls M6044
Shake that booty….
McCalls M6044
It really is eye catching…
Collar and button band detail
Flat felled armhole
Cuff detail…
Back view
Turns out he too has always wanted a jump shot! Without the jumpsuit of course!
Interior armhole and shoulder
Inside side and sleeve seam flat felled
The placket is a simple one
Xmas 2015 322
Carving the turkey is hard work!
Xmas 2015 141
Fierce!…Rrrrrrr!….On Christmas day 2015 kitted out in mostly me mades

Pictures…not as good as usual fare since I was behind the camera. Still……

He loves it and couldn’t wait to wear it to work. They have dress down Fridays and he won The Most Awesome Shirt award for this shirt!

From my perspective he wore it and and uncovered another undisputed fact: “You look damn good, lover.

It also happens to be extremely comfortable.” came the reply.

So yes I will be making him more. Its a great shirt pattern that is easy to make.

I am happy with my selfless sewing. Have you done any selfless sewing recently?




51 thoughts on “Selfless Sewing: McCalls M6044

  1. Ace shirt and ace photos!! Certainly made me smile and distracted me from my hubby’s snoring! Especially his jump shot! You’re finishing techniques make it even better than RTW , it’s my turn to be in awe! 😀

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  2. Great detail work! And what fabulous fabric! How cool that he can wear it to work. I’m new to following you but I couldn’t help but notice at the bottom of my screen a pic of you in the same fabric — ! I love that! Your birdy top is excellent. I made a shirt for my husband a year+ ago – Vogue 8800 – a short sleeve summer thing. It’s time to do it again! Thanks for the reminder!!

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  3. Hey there, Mrs. Hila~!

    I love how happy your husband looks in his shirt! You did wonderfully on all those details- excellent job overall! I made my father a shirt late 2015, out of some stretched flannel that was given to me. Ever since then my ‘selfless sewing’ work load has multiplied a great deal! I enjoy it though {There’s something about men’s wear that just pleases me…}

    I’ve heard from other shirt makers that the McCall’s M6044 pattern doesn’t have A yoke. Does your husband mind?


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    1. Thanks ~A. The pattern has a version with a yoke as well. I didnt make that one since i didnt have enough fabric. My hubs doesnt mind at all that it doesnt have a yoke.


  4. Love it! Great fabric & you did a fab job with it, as did he with piccie poses. Big smiles reading this post. 😀
    Most of my sewing is selfish, which is nice, but sometimes it might be nice to practice on a different body. 😉

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  5. I love how animated your husband is for the camera! And he’s totally rocking that fabulous shirt you made. 🙂 I tried making my husband a sweatshirt a couple of weeks ago, but it came out too short, so now it’s mine. I swear I didn’t plan it that way!!

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  6. This is just the best fabric ever! It works so well as a shirt and your husband looks so happy with it. My husband keeps asking me to sew for him, I think I’ll really need to give it a go soon!

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    1. Thanks Kathryn. You should go for it. Our long suffering husbands deserve it for understanding our obsession with sewing😃. This particular pattern is so fast to make up.


  7. Such an awesome shirt – I’ve made a few of this pattern for my bloke (and my dad) and it always comes up trumps! Love, love the print too (I’m a sucker for a bird print).

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  8. Hi there, Hila! Belated New Year greetings. May it be a good one for all of you. I love this groovy shirt. The print is 1960s-early 1970s in feeling. Your shirtmaking skills keep getting better. Nice job with the seams and top stitching.

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    1. Happy New Year to you too EmilyAnn! Thanks for the lovely comments especially on my improved sewing. I am enjoying shirtmaking so very much.


  9. Such a great fabric choice and a perfectly unique shirt! I’m a completely selfish sew-er and have managed to develop a quite convincing list of reasons why I can’t make the other half one. I’m torn now because I really want to show him a picture of your husbands but it’s likely he’ll realise all my excuses are poppycock!😉

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  10. Love this so much – and he clearly does too! I must dip my toe in the shirt making process soon as every time I see one of yours I’m inspired! 🙂

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  11. I love the shirt. So cool that he choose that fabric. I know the feeling. My DH is always asking me to make him something. So far I have made him two vests, but nothing else. Now he wants a T-Shirt, so we are trying to find the right fabric for that. I am always so nervous making his clothes. I know my body shape well, but his is harder to figure out.
    You did an awesome job on the shirt, I like it!!

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