I am a Yorkshire Spoolette!

I started blogging purely as a way to catalog my sewing makes. In the past I had always been an anonymous reader of blogs but never really reached out and got involved……… Until I developed quite a few blog crushes and started reaching out to say ‘Hi’. You know that scenario right? You find a blog you like and start reading it. Maybe you get the courage to comment. Maybe the blogger comments back. I remember my arm hairs used to stand on end when I was new to blogging because it’s a blind leap of friendship that I’d taken and in my head, it was scary to reach out to a total stranger like that. Maybe she likes me too? Maybe she also reads my blog? It’s like the beginning stages of dating, right? Finds blog. Reads blog. Wants more. When you find a blog with that sparkle – that energy that you’re looking for, it can be totally awesome. Most non bloggers don’t get it though. Its so hard for them to understand or to believe that someone you have never met could be a friend……. Then there is this moment during the whole blogger friendship thing where you just want to meet your favourite bloggers.

Well I got the chance to meet some of mine in real life on Saturday 6th Feb 2016 in Dewsbury. It all started as most things do, serendipitously, after I had resolved to attend one sewing meet up this year. Just as I clicked off that thought, Ali posted her plan for a get together. Aries that I am, I  immediately confirmed my attendance; partly out of capitalising on the zeal of goal making and partially out of the knowledge that I would over-analyse with fear of the unknown ultimately swaying me to remain in my comfort zone. As a bonus I would tick off a major 2016 goal early in the year. Score!

As the day dawned, nerves started kicking in and I have to admit that on the day I was so nervous I couldn’t eat breakfast. Now you ladies know why I was gobbling down the snacks in Lucky Fashions!

I arrived at the rendez-vous  after  I got a little bit lost a little tour of the locale. Walking up to the cafe, my stomach was suddenly filled with butterflies. What if I cant remember their names? I walked in and the biggest issue confronted me – to hug or not? to kiss on the cheek or not? handshake? At lightning speed each option passed through my head. Hug? Handshake? Introduce myself? Lol! Like being a teenager all over again.

It is strange meeting someone who is actually a complete stranger yet you know them quite a fair bit, know what they look like but all that’s left is hearing the voice! In the end I just went with the flow and hugged :-). Once that bit was over, it was like sitting down with old friends and chatting away. I still cant believe we were in the coffee shop for almost an hour!

And oh gosh it was lovely! Meeting these women who make my life a bit more lovely and women that inspire me. It made me realise that these are friendships and connections that actually support my continued blogging. I loved meeting the persons behind the blogs I read and new blogs to catch up on. Sharing a passion, stimulating and complementing each other via the spoken word was a treat. I kept looking around and couldn’t believe that I was surrounded by all these crazily talented creative women. They were just as I pictured though prettier in real life. Some I didn’t really know all that well but everyone was so friendly.

The fabric shopping was amazing! I was in my element. These girls knew me and understood me – the need to caress fabric, to gaze, contemplate..mull over. ..it was fantastic! We went to Fabworks and I got a lot of fabric. Despite all my purchases there, my parting thought was “I will be back……with a larger bag!“. I bought these from there. 2016-02-06 16.42.16 2016-02-06 16.42.48 2016-02-06 16.47.25 2016-02-06 16.47.36 2016-02-06 16.47.44

Next we went to Lucky Fashions where the lovely owner plied us with coffee, tea and snacks! I ate like a fiend. Could it be anymore perfect? Food + fabric + sewcialists = Heady brew! Forcibly restrained by my lack of cash I only bought these: Again I will be back!2016-02-06 16.40.42 2016-02-06 16.41.02 2016-02-06 16.41.29 2016-02-06 16.41.49

We went on to a pound a yard shop. No purchases here though they had some wonderful wools. All in all I was very impressed by the range and pricing. A new fabric destination discovered and its only 30 mins away.

We finally descended upon JD Weatherspoons with heavily laden bags bursting full of glorious silks, lush wools, sumptuous corduroys, sparkly denims, crisp cottons etc…….I had so much fun and while we were there Ali was hitting up some random strangers to take group pictures. Head over to her blog thimberlina.wordpress.com for more pictures. I was too shy to ask to take pictures until the very end. The only reasonably decent  one I got has a photobomber! That man is NOT.A. YORKSHIRE. SPOOLETTE.2016-02-06 15.35.59

Sewing bloggers, we are an odd bunch if you think about it. But a wonderfully odd group and I am eternally grateful that we have this community. I have found a ‘tribe’.

What do you think of meeting other sewing bloggers in person? Who have you met? Do you fell more connected after meeting them  when you read their blog? 

I cant sign off without saying a huge heartfelt thank you to Ali for doing what you do and sharing yourself with us the way you do, Sending you a Big HUG!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Happy sewing,



52 thoughts on “I am a Yorkshire Spoolette!

  1. Hila, totally loved your post (and all of your fabric except those pinks – not “me”!). How wonderfully you’ve written about your experience, which parallels my own, and probably many more sewing bloggers.
    Thank you!!

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  2. Lovely post Hila, I’m not a very social person and I would have felt just as you did before the meet up but I look forward meeting other sewing blogers or sewers in general, it would be nice to speak sewing with someone that understands how I feel about it!
    Happy sewing to you too!

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    1. As someone who doesnt have any sewing friends in real life- I cant even begin to express how wonderful it was to be around people who know what you dont mean a tree when you say Alder😃. I never thought I’d be one for the meet uos but I am a convert for now.


  3. Was so lovely to meet you Hila, and your write up is my favourite of them all (should I have a favourite!?). I think we all feel the same. The big difference for me when I’m reading everyone’s posts about Saturday is I hear their accents which I couldn’t imagine before. Is great now to be able to put a voice to the face! Hope your back wasn’t aching carrying all that fabric! Happy sewing and really looking forward to the coming months and seeing what you sew ✂️😀✂️😀✂️

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    1. Lol my back is fine! I got back ok pondering what to make with the fabrics. Remember you said about making something in 4 weeks using some fabric from Saturday? Well it got me thinking that my problem is adding to the stash then waiting months before picking up the fabric again. So now I will try to use the fabric I buy straightaway while still feeling the love for it 😃. In that spirit I am cutting into all the fabric I got next week 😰. Wish me luck. I cant wait to see your makes too! Xx

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  4. Fabulous. So well put. It was lovely to meet you and yes I too was so out of my comfort zone as I didn’t even have a blog but followed you all. Meeting real on screen celebrities. Looking forward to seeing what you make with your haul K xXx

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    1. Lol I follow you on IG so you were a screen celebrity to me! And now I find out you part own The Village Haberdashery! Can I get mates rates?😃.


  5. What a fabulous post! Yes, we all got along so well, didn’t we?!! Your remark about not having heard each other’s voice before. It was strange but everyone (those blogs followed before) sounded exactly how I expected them to. How weird is that? Or is it just the fact that everyone’s character that comes across in heaps in their blogs was the exact same genuine person we met on the day? Or is it me?


  6. Heartwarming post. I had exactly the same feelings when I began to read blogs, then found the courage to comment, and finally wrote my own. It’s a community I’m proud to belong to. So glad you had a fantastic day. I would love to have met you all. X

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    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the post. I find it challenging to write posts that arent purely about sewing a garment but this I really wanted to share the luv I was feeling😃

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  7. I wish I could have been there. You all seem to have come away with a great haul of fabric (like I need more of that!). Enjoy making the fabric into lots of wonderful things – and maybe your photobomber will arrive next time showing something he has made to join in!

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  8. The poor photo bombing guy probably just wanted to be a Spoolete and who can blame him? The prospect of my first meet up was terrifying! This time I was much more relaxed so there’s the key – come to the next one! Can’t wait to see your makes!

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    1. I will be more relaxed next time too now I know what to expect 😃. Looking forward to yours too. Remeber we all promised (loosely) to make at least 1 in 1 month😋


    1. My back pack was splitting full but I was a happy camper. Agree that there is nothing better than group fabric shopping. Could it be called a fabric orgy😂?


    1. Thanks Teresa. Its been a long time since socialising outside of babies and work so my gears were a bit rusty 😃. Having crossed that first time I eager for a second one. Do I sound too keen? Lol

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  9. What a great post, you totally summed up what it feels like to be a newbie in the blogging world from drumming up the courage to make a comment to making some new sewing friends. Now I just need to locate the Southwest equivalent! 🙂

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  10. What a lovely post- summed up my feelings exactly- and it was so nice to meet you and everyone else. Can’t believe we got photobombed though!! 🙂 I’m pre-washing some of the fabric I bought as I type. I’ll probably cut a few things out then sew them up whenever I get the time- but at least one thing in the next month to meet Ali’s ‘target’! x


  11. This is a lovely post Hila. How great to have such an amazing group of sewists who are able to meet up like that. I didn’t imagine you would be so nervous – I am always in awe of your confidence in your blog photos! I’ve made some really lovely friends through blogging and IG who I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise, some of them in person. I still get excited when someone new starts following my blog or makes a comment! Great fabric choices by the way!

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    1. Thanks! With my husband being such a goof ball and really good at getting me to relax means photoshoots tend to be a lot of fun. I think its true that you take the best pics when you are relaxed and happy. I am looking forward to meeting more sewing bloggers too. Maybe at the next SewBrum events😃

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  12. What fun! I want to be a Yorkshire Spoolette! Too bad I’m just a few thousand miles too far away! It’s pretty funny and sometimes awkward to meet people that you know so much about but don’t actually *know*. But I really treasure the real life friendships I’ve made with internet friends… although it can be strange explaining to others, like I did the other day, that we met through Instagram! 🙂


  13. Such a lovely post – you have clearly verbalised the way so many of us feel about our new blogging chums. I really wish I could have been there – was obviously a great day – SO many of my favourite bloggers. Looking forward to seeing what you make – especially love your pics when they include photo- bombing babies because, let’s face it, it’s not actually all about the sewing! x


  14. Thanks for writing such a lovely post! I don’t blog much, and arrived a bit late. I really enjoyed being with people who are creative and love fabric and are all such lovely people. It was great to recognise the patterns people were wearing too! It’s a brilliant part of sewing, that we get to wear what we make. Men get together all the time to share a common interest, think about all those train spotters! Obviously being a seamstress/sewist is much better than being a train spotter though……


  15. I know EXACTLY what you mean about finding new blogging friends!

    I was jealous of everyone who could attend, as I follow a few of the bloggers. It looks and sounds like everyone had a great time!

    Love your purchases, by the way. Especially the ones from Lucky Fashion!


  16. So late in commenting, I just read this. You’ve stated so clearly what I imagine lots of us feel (myself included) about blogging. I watched the meet-up story unfold and enjoyed seeing my across-the-pond “friends” getting together. You’ve come home with a magnificent stash!


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