My first yoga wear make Burda 01/2016 Top 101A

Hello chums,

Yoga entered my life last year when I decided that I needed some form of excersize. I settled on yoga. It fit my schedule and I was able to attend classes. I hadn’t invested in any activewear for it but that has changed because I love yoga. I mean like really love it in a “Where have you been all my life? You complete me” kind of way.

Lucky for me the Burda January 2016 issue had a swathe of yoga wear patterns. Since being moved to the Ashtanga Improvers class I decided to make something in honour of leveling up.

Top 101A… This oversized top appealed to me because it looked so comfortable. I used a leftover fabric from when I made my first Moneta. This fabric washes well and I still wear that dress so I know this will last. Oversize Hoody 01/2016

Time wise It took me 30 mins to trace and cut the pattern. Just 20 mins to cut the fabric. Another 45 mins to whip it up. All seams were overlocked and simple zigzag for hemming.

Burda 01/2016 Top 101A
Burda 01/2016 Top 101A
BurdaStyle 01/2016 Top 101A
BurdaStyle 01/2016 Top 101A

It does it job really well. I start my practice wearing it and I can easily slip it off once I build up heat. For warm down at the end I easily pull it back on. Plus it has the front pocket. I will definitely be making another of the variation that has a hem band.

All in all I am pleased as punch. Next up I need to make yoga pants. Have you made any active wear recently? I have been looking at the Sewaholic range but am still undecided……..

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy sewing.




32 thoughts on “My first yoga wear make Burda 01/2016 Top 101A

  1. I love this – perfect for throwing on over anything, not just for yoga! I have vague plans to sew active-wear but haven’t quite organised myself to work out the best fabric for it! Lots of people seem to like Jalie for leggings though?


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  2. Hila, that looks so great on you, and perfect for your class! Looks like more than the average scrap fabric I’d have left after making a dress, though. Have vague plans for more active wear, but nothing specific. sigh!

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  3. Hila, thank you for the review. This pattern caught my eye when I flipped through the January 2016 issue of Burda. You just bumped it into my list of things to make for spring.

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  4. Looks great, and such a cheerful print. Hav activewear on my to-sew list this year. Have the patterns ready (Seamworks has a whole range of yoga-suitable items), but it’s the fabric that’s proving more tricky…

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      1. Off the top of my head, I think it’s around £6/£7 a month…. But will check and get back to you. Bit of a lottery what patterns you get but as a new member I think you can download two past patterns or recent ones a month (therefore omitting any you don’t like) which sounds like a better way of doing things. I really like what they do: simple, quick, every day projects 🙂


  5. Fabulous! This looks like a great activewear piece. I haven’t wandered down that road yet, But I spend enough time in spandex that I really should take a chance on making my own gym clothes.

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