Sew Sweet Handmade Clothes for Girls

Hello everyone,

I did some selfish sewing for my twins in January. I fell for the whimsical looking pictures in this Japanese Sewing book by Yuki Araki during a (very) late night browsing session. I must have purchased it then when my brain was transitioning between a fully conscious state and the sleep state. Imagine my surprise when I received a large Amazon box and after burrowing through the meters of brown paper wadding, I found this beautifully shot book of children’s patterns :-).

Its a good book and I like it. Though I have only made one pattern from it so far: the A line skirt. Before that here are some pictures of the book and my thoughts….

Sew Sweet handmade clothes for children
The back cover showcasing some of the lovely outfits. Everything that is shown in the pictures is a available as a pattern.
Sew Sweet Handmade clothing
The pattern sheet unfortunately has only 2 colours so you have to really concentrate to see which lines you are following. I used light pencil marks to see where I was
Sew Sweet handmade clothing
These are all of the garments in the book. Quite a good range. 22 patterns in total
Sew Sweet
There are instructions accompanied with each pattern. Good instructions in my opinion. The patterns have no seam allowances btw.
Sew sweet
Some patterns have more detailed instructions like this uber cute shirt dress.
Sew Sweet
One of the outfits I really like. Its made from Nani Iro fabric (though I dont think I would use Nani Iro for kids clothes because they grow so fast out of them!)
Sew Sweet
A picture of the skirt I made for my girls.
Sew Sweet skirts
First skirts in Teapot fabric. I put a little red ribbon trim on the yoke.
Sew sweet skirts
These were the second ones made in a rocket fabric. I used faux twin needle hem on one of them. Also went for contrast yokes.
All in all very happy with them.

I will be making more from the book. The designs are more appropriate for spring summer weather using light weight wovens. This is the first Japanese Sewing book I have bought. I think I will wait until I have made a few more things before looking at buying another one. To me they do seem like good value for money considering the number of patterns. Do you like Japanese Sewing books? Any particularly great one you would reccommend?

Thanks for stopping by this little corner of the interwebs!

Happy sewing!




19 thoughts on “Sew Sweet Handmade Clothes for Girls

  1. Really cute skirts! I love your fabric choices. I can’t recommend any books but I’ve looked at many on line. The styles are always intriguing. I’ll look forward to seeing more of your makes.

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  2. cute skirts! My favourite one is ‘everyday girls clothes’ – I have made heaps out of that one (my version is all Japanese but there may now be a translated version). I also have ‘let’s go out girls clothes’ and ‘kids clothes sewing lesson book’ – haven’t made as much from them, but still some great patterns in them.

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  3. I remember making so many things for my kids when they were little. Such a great way to use a mix of patterns and colours, as you have done here. And having twins gives you the chance to do two skirts that are coordinated (or not) with each other. I think the secret with these Japanese books is the luxury grown up fabrics and lovely photographs. Not sure the patterns are very different from McCalls or whatever that you can get for 99p on the internet, but then I am a bit cynical.


  4. These skirts are adorable! I wish that I was a good sewer back when my girl was little! She didn’t get anything made for her bless her!

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  5. Really cute skirts – congratulations! Haven’t ever used Japanese patterns, but others who have seem to like them. Agree with you about making a few more patterns before investing in another book, just to be sure you like them. 😉

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