Spring Watch

Hello everyone,

Quick post sharing some of my spring spotting ventures. I desperately want out of the winter and have been looking for signs of promise of the warmer seasons. Though few and far between I felt happy to find these as I wanders round my garden

2016-02-24 12.23.56
2016-02-24 12.24.52
Frog spawn in the pond
2016-02-24 12.25.46
I am seeing a lot of frogs mating in the pond
2016-02-24 12.26.32
I think this is Primrose but I am not too sure.
2016-02-24 12.27.00
The Camellia bush on the north side of the house bloomed very early.
2016-02-24 12.27.16
Vibrant mini daffodils.
2016-02-24 12.27.25
Found some snowdrops in a little nook.
2016-02-24 12.28.35
More Crocuses. Purple ones are my favourite.

I hope you are also experiencing lovely signs of spring where you are.




16 thoughts on “Spring Watch

  1. It’s going to be exciting – your first Spring in your new garden. This blog post will be good to remind you what you’ve got as it’s easy to forget when Spring is over ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Yes it is exciting. But I miss our old cherry tree…am thinking of planting one here. There was something special about cherry blossom every spring.


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