More Selfless sewing: Ottobre Kids Design dresses

Hello everyone,

I am back with more selfless sewing for my kids. Sewing for children can be such a pleasure. They are small  so less fabric which means I can spend a bit more. There are no fit issues so I can just whip it up. But at the same time they are still growing. Still despite the fact they will almost certainly grow out of what I make within a year, I do love creating unique clothes for my twin girls. The opportunities to create similar yet different contrasting clothes is fun. I tend to buy the same fabric in different colourways and play around with that.

I actually made these last year in December for my twins’ birthday. I chose a sweater dress and ruched leggings from Ottobre 04/2014. I have made outfits from Ottobre before (link here) which I loved. ottobre
It is very difficult to photograph little children!

Xmas 2015 283
The Christmas dress didnt have the pocket or the elasticated hem.
Ottobre 04/2014
I also made them for Christmas dresses in deep red velour.

Xmas 2015 295
Xmas 2015 312Twins photoshoot 010
Twins photoshoot 011

Twins photoshoot 012 Twins photoshoot 006Twins photoshoot 013IMGP3226 IMGP3210 IMGP3189 IMGP3157

These little sweater dress get so many complements when we are out and about. A fellow mum at the Library was wondering why they dont make something like that in her size! I didn’t mention that I had made them myself – perhaps I should have?

These dresses are work horses. They have been washed almost weekly and hold their shape well. The fabric is like a quilted jersey. The neck and cuffs are in ribbing material. The instructions are really quite excellent in Ottobre and no doubt I will be returning back to making these as they grow older.

Thanks for stopping by! Now that I have blogged all 2015 makes I will be back soon with a parade of the results of my batch sewing experiments…….but until then……..

Happy sewing!





28 thoughts on “More Selfless sewing: Ottobre Kids Design dresses

  1. I just subscribed to Ottobre and my six year old get so excited when the magazine arrives! He wants one of everything! Your girls are adorable and I love the things you’ve made them. Excellent work and just beautiful clothing. They are going to be so spoiled with lovely clothing and not realize how special it is that they get custom made u til they’re quite a bit older. Lucky girls!


  2. Your girls are adorable! I’m just amazed at how you find the time to sew. Those dresses are beautiful. Love both of them!


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