Another self drafted pencil sirt

Hello everyone!

This a fabric that I had been dreading to cut because of fear of pattern matching. Too many times I brought the fabric out and started pinning trying to match and always gave up. The idea of perfection was getting in the way. Eventually I just decided to just do  it! I failed at pattern matching but thats ok.Self drafted Pencil skirt 3

Ok so on to technicalities…..The difference between this skirt and the previous one (link here) I made is that this one was made from a knit sloper. The first one was from a woven sloper. Thinking on it now I am not sure why I did that.Self Drafted Pencil Skirt 2

Making a knit skirt sloper basically uses the woven sloper as the base. All the darts are removed from the side to give it a more rounded shape. I also pegged it in about an inch athe hem for a more pencil -y shape.Pencil skirt

I loved sewing this up because it has to be my fastest make to date. Took me less than 30 mins using my overlocker. Hem was just zigzaged. I have said before that I like the twin needle but sometimes I just dont feel like stopping to set it up.I have been wearing this a lot with tights and boots and its just so nice, warm and comfy.pencil skirt 2

I am happy I have used up the fabric thats been in my stash for over 18 months. Most of the fabrics I purchased at the beginning of my sewing journey are frankly speaking …….think word that rhymes with hit, bit, kit 🙂 ….but I think this is one occasion where I didn’t do too bad. DO you ever look at some of the fabric you bought early in you sewing journey and just slap your head?Self drafted Pencil skirt 1

Its the First day of spring people!!!!!!!!

Thank you for stopping by,

Happy sewing



12 thoughts on “Another self drafted pencil sirt

  1. Moving around has it’s compensations, and “losing track” of less-than-gorgeous fabric is one of them! 😀
    Love your skirt & that it’s a knit. Can’t seem to find such nice weight & designs over here. Or maybe I just don’t know where to look. 😉


  2. Great fabric and it looks really cute as a pencil skirt! Beginner fabric buys, yes I remember them and most of them were terrible! 😉


  3. Great skirt and I love the way you’ve styled it with a Snoopy t-shirt.
    I have trouble with dressmaking fabric because, first and foremost, I make quilts and cushions and craft type things for which I usually buy patterned, colourful, sometimes quirky fabric. This does not translate well into what I would actually wear on my back so I have to resist the temptations when shopping for fabric destined to become a skirt, dress or top in case I end up with rabbits, or sewing notions or Eiffel towers across my body.


    1. Thank you! I love brightly patterned fabric too though I dont yet quilt. I have some bunnies, toadstools, eiffel towers and bikes waiting to made into shirts😁


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