Open Letter to Sewaholic Renfrew Pt. 1

Dearest Sewaholic Renfrew,

When I first saw you I paid little attention. You looked pretty yes, but my eye roved elsewhere. For months you came and went from my radar yet I never quite comprehended what it was about you that kept coming back to haunt me. Was it your scoop neck that was neither too low, nor too high. Or your seductive cowl? So much has been written about you yet though I bought you home, printed, taped and traced – still I tarried left you sitting for months -nay – a year even!

Will you forgive me darling Renfrew? For now that I have made you I am both ecstatic and desolate! Ecstatic because sewing you was so simple. Desolate because I have wasted all this time without having such a wonderful staple in my  wardrobe.

Renfrew Top
Sewaholic Renfrew Cowl Neck Top
Cowl Neck on Sewaholic Renfrew
Sewaholic Renfrew Top
Renfrew Top Cowl Neck Back
Sewaholic Renfrew Top Back view

It is true what Seth Godin says:

The eyes cannot see what the brain is not ready to comprehend.

Where have you been all my life. Love you so much. So quick and easy to make. You took me as I am with no alterations. Size 4. Perfect for me. Thank you Renfrew!

Love Hila,



40 thoughts on “Open Letter to Sewaholic Renfrew Pt. 1

  1. I have 3 cowl neck long sleeve versions and I love them all. it’s a great pattern. One think I have done is to delete the seam on the top edge of the cowl and make the cowl out of one big pattern piece. Love the fabric, I never seem to find really great knits with a pattern.

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    1. Thank you! I am yet to find anything that doesn’t look good with it. Skirts and trousers alike – it looks great! I forgot to add pictures from my phone of various outfits with it. Next post I have to remember to do that.

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  2. Welcome to the Renfrew club. My patterns has been neglected for over a year but I’m thinking I should resurrect it after seeing your stunning version. I used the main body part to make dresses too and refashions. I bet this floral little number will be the first of many 😀

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    1. It is indeed the first of many. I made up another one using Spoolette fabric that I will post soon. Will be cutting another one this week in a solid colour. I like the idea of using the body part to make a dress….I might use the Moneta bottom and attach that to the Renfrew might work?


  3. I’ve only made the scoop next version – I’m not keen on cowl necks on me although I like them on other people – but you’re right, it is a great pattern and it looks fab on you.

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    1. Thank you! I made another one already in the cowl neck but the third one I am cutting out this week will be the scoop neck. Its just such a great pattern I cant believe I waited so long .


  4. This looks great. You look fab in it and I love the colours. It amused me that you taped and traced this patten and then left it for months! If I tape and/or trace a pattern I’m desperate to start sewing ASAP!


  5. Gorgeous top, and it looks great on you. This pattern has been on my to buy list for so long but there’s always something more ‘exciting’ that jumps the queue. I’ve got some Spoolette fabric which is perfect for it though so I’m sure it’ll be getting bought really soon!! Thanks for the inspiration x


  6. I’m like you–I bought this pattern, but never made it. I even have the perfect black and white striped fabric for it. Your versions are inspiring me… I especially love your floral cowl version. I’m not much of a cowl wearer, but after seeing yours, I have cowl envy! I’m envisioning several of these Renfrews with cowl necks in my closet… Thanks for giving me that nudge to finally get around to making this pattern. Your makes are gorgeous and fit you superbly.

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