Spring Watch Pt 2


More spring watching this past weekend. I was delighted to find that the frogs in the pond were at it! So lets start with the frogs shall we…

Frog spawn. It was very warm on Saturday so the frogs were quite busy in their orgy.
Another view of the frogs. They disappear as soon as they hear a sound but if I was patient and waited they would come out. I guess they need air to share ‘pleasure’ 🙂
There were a lot of threesomes going on as well. I did not realise how sexually liberal frogs were. This female doesn’t seem to mind though.
Those 2 in the middle brazenly staring at me were my favourites! They had been facing the other way but turned around and looked at me as if saying “And what?!We are not ashamed. F off and respect our privacy” 🙂

Moving on to plants…..

Late Grape Hyacinth. I planted this at the beginning of December last year.
I love how the Crocus seem to be opening their arms wide to welcome the sun into a big hug.
A lone crocus by the pond path.
I found this red flower but I dont know what it is – I think it may be Primrose judging by the leaves.
More sun worshiping crocuses. I love the purple ones very much.
More purple Crocuses. So cheerful with the yellow centres.
This path divides the orchard and lawn area. I worked on clearing the ivy that was taking over. Its now walkable.
The first red Camellia! The sun dipped behind clouds when I was taking this picture hence its so warm.
And here it ablaze in full splendor.

We also spotted a butterfly fluttering around but I couldn’t capture it on film. It was orangey so I think it might have been a Monarch. There were also 2 bumble bees floating around. It was a lovely sunny weekend and hopefully the first of many to come. I hope you also had a lovely sunny weekend too.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs.





10 thoughts on “Spring Watch Pt 2

  1. I was taken right back to ‘O’ level biology with your ‘frogwatch’ – I was worried you were going to start moving up the species for a minute. Speaking of which, I had to take my two kittens to be sterilized yesterday as the male was definitely giving the female the eye. They’re only just 6 months old but spring is definitely in the air.

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