My football shirt….Burda 02/2016

Hello everyone,

I made a second top from the February issue of Burda. When I stepped out for the photo shoot hubs started chanting “Go Leeds Rhinos!”. That’s because this  simple blouse featuring a flattering v-neck and cuffed short sleeves has a boxy fit. Add to that the blue and yellow of Leeds Rhinoes ……it goes from this………….


Cuffed Short Sleeve Blouse 02/2016 #105C

… this…..Football shirt5Construction wise it was ok to make – probably an intermediate level because the of the structure of the sleeve. You can see from the line drawing that its not a conventional sleeve. The sleeve has 2 bits – an upper piece and an under piece. But the under sleeve is also part of the bodice sides which makes it a bit tricky especially with slippery fabrics.burda

The neckline is faced and I am very happy with how it turned out. It lifts from my body because I used a medium weight interfacing instead of a lightweight one (the importance of labeling your interfacing people 🙂). The key thing was understitching to get the turn of cloth.  I finished all the seams with my overlocker.Burda Football Shirt2

It could do with being just a tad bit longer. There is a dress version but I am not too keen on it.Football shirt3 Burda Football top Burda Football shirt1

The material has a lovely drape to it. Its a viscose I bought on Ebay last year. I  had to use a Size 70 needle and shorter stitch length so it wouldnt pucker. Cutting it out was tough because it slips and slides so much – I am going to have to do something about that in future makes. The cuff of the sleeve is kept in place by tacking it otherwise it would just droop down. I found that it could only be done successfully while I was wearing it so I could see how the cuff was resting efore pinning precisely where I would hand tack it to the sleeve.Football shirt Football shirt sleeve

Burda Football ShirtWhilst quite annoyed I was struck by how accurate Mr SNS’s assessment was; I still really like this top. I think I quite possibly didn’t get the colour combos right but I am going to attempt it without colour blocking in a bright jewel tone.


Thanks for stopping by and until next time

Happy Sewing!



PS. I created a new page just for my Burda Challenge projects which you can get to by clicking on the widget on my sidebar or here.


24 thoughts on “My football shirt….Burda 02/2016

  1. It’s very spring-y and eye catching. I saw this pattern and wondered about it…I love drop shoulders and this shirt is no exception. I’m amazed that you found this fabric on EBay – – I love it! I’ve got to expand my shopping vistas.

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  2. Lovely blouse, Hila – congratulations!
    About labelling our interfacing… excellent practice.
    Which reminds me to inquiry… have been faffing over whether or not to interface a heavy stretch denim I’m using for a Morris. What do you think?

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      1. Uh-oh ~ woulda had the stretch-with-stretch going, and it might have pooled. Thanks for this, Ali! Now I’ll know both things to do to handle that problem. Which I had no idea existed. 😲

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    1. Thanks! About the Morris blazer – I think depending on the heaviness of the denim and what you want to achieve it might get too stiff. The link Ali shared is also quite insightful. Good luck with it- you have reminded me I need to make another Morris😃

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  3. A great top for a Leeds loiner! I should make one for my mum! Love the colour combo, perfect for the spring. I like your idea for your burda page. I don’t subscribe but I do buy the magazine most months. I love their styles, and really need to make more too. 😀

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    1. I only started buying after you posted a jumpsuit on IG last year😁. I am learning to speak Burda and am quite surprised at how much easier it get to make them. You should go for it. X

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      1. Haha, learning to speak burda! I should do more, especially as I don’t mind tracing, I find it strangely therapeutic and sometime I trace but don’t get round to sewing. Maybe I should hire myself out as a pattern tracer, lol 😃

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      2. Theres a niche market that hasnt been tapped yet! I could just have all my Burdas sent to you and place orders for traced patterns of my choice😍😃

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  4. Love it! You did a great job. I cut slinky fabrics using pattern weights on a cutting mat and rotary cutter. I place my fingertips just inside the cutting line and carefully roll along. It works perfect. I want to try a spray stabilizer and gelatin methods too someday. I think you next make of this would look great in black and white. Nicely done!

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    1. I also read about the gelatine and thought I might try it some time. I dont have a cutting board for a rotary cutter unfortunately. It looks like my only option is the additives. Fingers crossed😃


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