Burda Style Top 6849

Hello chums.

I am back after an epic 3 week family holiday – I then needed a holiday to recover from being the operations manager of said holiday :-). After a few days of R&R I walked into my sewing cave and was disgusted by the mess – I have since been busily beavering away when I can to organise it. Promise I will post as soon as I am done. Anyhow I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday too.

Tonight I am excited to share this shirt. News FLASH – I actually made a shirt that is not a Granville! Its Burda 6849 which I finished before the holiday. Made in cotton lawn thats like Liberty but I am not 100% certain.

Burda 6849
Burda 6849

Burda 6849 – How I wear it most of the time with skinny jeans and boots.

Construction deets. It has yokes but given the busy-ness of the fabric they dont really show. I like the longer length on this shirt. Its not a shirt I would be wearing tucked in. The center seam down the back allows for more back shaping if one wishes it. I installed the back yoke using the Burrito method. For the first time I made myself a shirt with pockets. Normally I skip pockets but I felt the need to challenge myself.. Its also cute how the pocket points meet the front darts. I think I really liked the line drawing design lines. Its not as form fitting as the Granville but I like this top. Its more relaxed. I definitely will make another in the mid term future.

Back View Burda 6849
Burda 6849

The pattern is well drafted with everything just going neatly into place. I did not use the instructions except for the placket. I dont like how this placket is constructed and in future will use the tower placket I got from the Angela Kane tutorial. I didn’t topstitch the cuffs or collar because I wanted a softer look. Not sure what difference it makes visually but for me it feels less tailored without the topstitching. When I make it again it will have to be in a solid colour to really appreciate the wonderful design lines….a chambray blue or a batiste white fabric.

Burda 6849
Burda 6849 – Sleeve cuffs are not topstitched
Back yoke. Burda 6849
Love the blue on blue look. Burda 6849
Burda 6849

I actually overlockeed all the seams. I just did not feel like doing flat felled seams. It was lazy. I did wonder if I’d regret it later and frankly speaking I don’t 🙂

As always thanks for stopping by. Happy sewing!




29 thoughts on “Burda Style Top 6849

  1. Gorgeous print! I really like the semi-fitted style. I have just started wearing my Granville more regularly and I think I may make another now that the pain of fitting it the first time has passed! I’m glad its not just me who finds organising family holidays stressful – and the pressure of then being responsible for everyone’s enjoyment!


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    1. Thanks Louise. Glad you are enjoying your Granville. Its a pain to fit but worth it I think. You are spot on about the pressure to ensure everyone enjoys the family holiday – there were times when I wished I could just sulk and throw a tantrum but I had to stay positive!

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    1. Thanks! The holiday was fab for everyone else which is always a good outcome. Hubs has promised me a spa weekend sans kids so that will be my restorative holiday :-). Just read your most recent post about organising the sewing cave and thats what I am doing too. Have you counted how many sewing patterns you have yet?

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  2. Well done! That itty bitty blue floral print is perfect for the look.

    We must be on the same wavelength … I recently made Lekala 4456 (twice) and am obsessed with Burda 6849 (three, no, four times). 🙂 I am 5′ 5″, and on me, the Burda pattern’s shirt tails seem to go super long … almost like a tunic over leggings kinda thing. I lopped off about 4 inches to be able to wear it untucked with pants. Great pattern, though, and plenty of shaping options with the darts. Yours looks so cute!

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    1. I love your Lekal 4456! I also made one and am blogging that next. Its nowhere near as well tailored as yours but after I saw yours I was determined to do better with my next iteration. I love your makes.


  3. Great shirt! I love blue on blue too, and I like the longer cut of this shirt, especially for the jean/boots look. I like to overlock cotton seams – – I’ll bet your shirt still looks good inside out!

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  4. Just thinking about you earlier & glad to see you’re back & had fun. Great shirt & lovely fabric! Agree that the next iteration might be a solid to show deets. (And no guilt if that also gets overlocked, too!) 😉

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  5. Welcome back! I hope you had a fabulous holiday! The shape of this shirt is really flattering and works so well with skinnys. Love the matching earrings too!

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    1. Thank you!. I am trying hard with my accessories :-).The holiday was fabulous even if I had to be in the background making sure things went smoothly.


  6. Beautiful shirt! It is a liberty tana lawn print. I made a shirt with the red/blue version of this in a Simplicity pattern. I have this burda pattern and was on the fence about it, but glad to see how well your version turned out and will give it a try.

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