Lekala Sewing Pattern #4456 – Blouse With Short Sleeves

After my success with my first Lekala make last year – a dress for Indie Pattern Month New to Me week I have since bought more patterns. Loads more :-). What can I say I love a bargain! They really do have many lovely designs that are so reasonably priced.

<Indie Pattern Month is run by The Monthly Stitch in which they have great challenges that any one of any sewing level can join in>

Lekala 4456 is a short sleeved blouse. The line drawing is what sold me on the pattern.

Lekala 4456

Let me start of by saying that I did not make a muslin. I cut straight into my fabric with out any alterations. Its not a bad fit in my opinion.

Lekala 4456 Top

Ok lets talk fabric shall we? How cute is that fabric? I loved the shoe fabric when I saw it on B and M Fabrics Facebook page last year and I asked Mr SNS to pick it up during his lunch break. Its a 100% cotton poplin. I dithered over what to make with but it fell into place when I saw the blouse on Lekala.co.

The pink buttons were re-purposed from an old shirt. I tried hard to get the blue boots onto the button band and I just about managed it. Its a shame I didn’t have any contrast poplin for the flaps. They are nice feature but they are not too visible among the lovely shoes.I am also quite smug about this top because I squeezed it out of 1m of fabric.

Lekala 4456
Lekala 4456 Flap detail lost in the shoes..
Lekala 4456
Back View – Lekala 4456
Lekala 4456

Verdict: For a pattern I bought for 99p I am very impressed and pleased with the fit and how well drafted the pattern is. It comes with now seam allowances though for 33pence/50cents you can have seam allowances added to the pattern. It taped together without any issues. The instructions were clear and straightforward. I love this top – its quirky enough to make feel a little bit like Ms Frizzle from The Magic School Bus. I will definitely make another one in linen – those design lines deserve a solid colour to really shine.

Have you tried Lekala yet? I have a Pinterest board with the Lekala patterns I have bought so far – aptly called My Lekala Patterns.

Thanks for stopping my little corner of the interwebs. Until next time….. Happy Sewing!




29 thoughts on “Lekala Sewing Pattern #4456 – Blouse With Short Sleeves

  1. I can see why you fell in love with this pattern – the line drawings really show off the unique details! Really cute fabric choice too, it looks great on you. I’ll have to look into Lekala now!

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    1. Thank you! I am actually quite surprise at how many patterns I fall for just based on line drawings – never fully appreciated the utility of a line drawing before.


      1. Welcome! Yes, I came back last month but have been slow with blogging. I just posted all the fabric I bought during my trip last Sunday, though! Aren’t long holidays the best? 🙂

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  2. Really pretty summer top, I like the line drawings, have looked at Lekala patterns but always was unsure about how accurate the sizing was, maybe I’ll give them a try now!

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    1. Thanks Ali. I wasnt too sure either but once I tried them I was impressed. The trick is to make sure you take your measurements accurately. They do have a section on their website about taking measurements to help. Plus a lot of free patterns to try out too 🙂


  3. This is really lovely Hila, looks like a good fit – very brave cutting straight in to the good fabric, but I understand that you feed all you measurements in to their site so I assume some of the guesswork is removed. I’ve had the dress 4026 (which is free) pinned to my Pinterest board for a while now, it’s about time I gave it a go, I think the no seam allowances put me off, (bad experience with Burda) but if you can add them for 33pence it’s worth the ivestment to me.

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    1. Thanks Sam. 33p is good value indeed. I am used to working without seam allowances and dare I say it – I prefer it 🙂 I think its because of the pattern drafting courses I took on Craftsy. Working without seam allowances is an acquired taste but once you get the hang of it , its actually more efficient.


  4. I love this top on you- I have something very similar in rtw. I have had a few successes with lekala – and have bought some patterns that are yet to be made up. I made my mother a dress using a lekala pattern, and other than adding to the skirt length, there were no changes needed. Ps.thanks for the fabric shop link:)

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      1. I’d advise adding just a little bit extra to the side seams if it’s a fitted dress (you can always cut it off afterwards), as the fit was great but not as much wearing ease as my mother is used to, so an extra cm made all the difference, but other than that the bust,hips sleeves etc were all perfect. Best of luck with it 🙂

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