Lekala Sewing Pattern #4029 – Side Drape Dress

Hello chums,

I made another dress using a Lekala pattern before my holiday to take with me. Lekala 4029 is a a side drape dress with a cowl neckline and simple design lines. It caught my eye because I had been looking for a simple cowl neck dress to make with some of my Spoolette fabrics. The fabric was bought from Fabworks in Dewsbury.  Its such a wonderfully rich colour I do wish I had got enough of it to make a wrap dress.

Lekala 4029

As with my other Lekala makes (Dress and Blouse) ,I did not make a muslin.

It was easy and straightforward to make. The fit was spot on as usual. I used my overlocker for all the seams. The front and back bodice were stabilised with clear elastic. This is becoming a standard procedure for me whenever I use jersey fabrics.

The only issue I had was that I do not know how to sew a seam that is to be draped. The lower front pattern piece is longer on one side than the back. In theory its supposed to be gathered gently but I ended up wit a ruched seam instead of draped. It looks good now but that was not the intended effect :-). The problem is I decided to use some clear elastic on the seam. Somehow thinking this would stabilise it – instead it created a ruching effect. I tried 2 more times to fix it but each time I was losing more seam allowance so I ended up leaving as is. When I try it again I will leave out the clear elastic on the side.

Ok pictures…

Drape 2
Lekala 4029 Cowl neck dress
Lekala 4029
The ruhed seam – meant to be softly draping but still works 🙂 Lekala 4029
Lekala 4029
Drape dress3
Lekala 4029
Drape dress2
Lekala 4029 Back View
Drape dress1
Lekala 4029 Side view
Drape dress
Lekala 4029 Twin needle finish on armholes and back neck. I am very happy with this finish.
Cowl neck 1
A simple cowl neckline – my favourite feature of this dress. Lekala 4029

I used a twin needle to finish the armholes and hems and neckline at back. I am very pleased with the look. I added the bands that hold the cowl neck before sewing up the shoulder seam.

I wore this dress a lot on holiday – it travels well and I have washed this a few times already.

Verdict : A super quick make and a great addition to the wardrobe (a bargain too at 99p for the pattern;-). No doubt I will be making more of these (picturing one one in a navy blue or black…).

Thanks for stopping my little corner of the interwebs. Until next time….. Happy Sewing!




34 thoughts on “Lekala Sewing Pattern #4029 – Side Drape Dress

  1. great dress Hila and I do too like the ruching effect. i have made a couple of Lekala patterns and especially the second time while making a shirt I stuck at how to attach the collar, I wrote an email to them and they answered with detailed info about how I should do it. ,maybe you could do the same in case you don’t figer out how to make the draping seams.

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    1. Thank you! I was worried that it may be too cleave -agey but it was just right 🙂 There will definitely be more iterations of this dress.


  2. You must have taken these photos on the 2 days of summer we had last week! Coming from the same area I’m sure you’ll have experienced the freezing temperatures we’ve had over the past few days. Great dress. Looks fab on you. x

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    1. Yes I did! The weather has been terrible since! I try to get pictures outdoors with natural light when I can. Sometimes its a case of ” Quick sun’s out grab the camera!” and snap for the 5 minutes that the sun may be showing its lovely face on an otherwise dull day 🙂

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  3. This dress is gorgeous – right up my street! I remember that stunning jewel colour fabric! I’m afraid I would have no idea how to do the draping at the side properly but the ruching you have done looks great!

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    1. Thanks Corrine! I think you asked me what I wanted to make with this fabric and I said T shirt! Lol! So far none of my fabric purchases on that day have ended up as what they were intended for 🙂


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