McCalls M6973

Hello everyone.

Is there such a thing as selfless sewing? I have come to doubt it because after making these shorts (that I am super excited to blog about) for my husband I realised that I really love seeing him wear things I’ve made :-). I wish I could say that this epiphany arrived while I was happily toiling away at the sewing machine (I wasn’t – I was just dying to start on other projects) – it was only at the end with the finished garment that I felt a sense of being a good person).

What kept me going during the sewing of said garment was the awareness that Mr SNS is extremely supportive and tolerant of my sewing (and messes) therefore it would be good for him to benefit. He also patiently takes pictures for the blog.  Selfless acts are supposed to mean that the giver gains nothing from it – so if I am gaining a feeling of satisfaction at making things for him then it cant be selfless surely….

Anyhow I digress, moving on to the important bits….

Since we were going on holiday Mr SNS needed shorts and I made him some using more of the Spoolettes fabric. This is a navy blue cotton with mustard stripe on it. Initially when I purchased it I was going to make him a casual shirt.

McCall M6973 is  described as semi-fitted shorts have elasticized waist casing, and side-front pockets. F: Flap and pleated lower cargo pocket. All have stitched hems.

Line drawings for McCalls M6973

I quite liked the pattern since it also includes a t shirt which one day I hope to make for him. Lucky for me there was  half price sale on McCalls patterns when I bought this :-). I made view E length  with cargo pocket.

Spring BBQ 055
McCalls M6973 Shorts
M6973 Shorts
McCalls M6973 Shorts Side view showing the cargo pockets with a horizontal stripe.
M6973 Side view
McCalls M6973 Shorts
M6973 Back view
McCalls M6973 Shorts Back view

I have a gripe about this pattern; it takes you through making a zip fly but the waist is entirely elasticated. Its almost an ornamental zip. Since the waist is elasticated, its easier to pull it down rather than to fiddle with the zip (I have been reliable informed;-). Its my fault for not reading all the instructions to the end. Had I realised that I would have just had a faux fly using top-stitching rather than a real fly.

M6973 Fly detail
Zip McCalls M6973 Shorts
M6973 Pocket flap with velcro
M6973 Velcro tabs

I was worried about the fly zip since I have never done that yet. So I studiously read the instructions but I couldn’t quite get it so in the end it was a Youtube tutorial that really walked me through my first zip fly insertion. I was so proud of myself but the Youtube instructions were for women’s trousers and it was on the wrong side :-). When hubs tried it on before hemming he was like ‘Uh….something feels a bit wrong here’ LOL!

The pattern runs on the large size. I used his waist measurement and it indicated a medium but that was quite roomy. Roomier than he would have preferred. Next time I will be sizing down to the small.

M6973 Pockets
Back Pockets
M6973 Back Pocket detail
stitching on the back pocket

For the hip pocket lining I used fabric from an old shirt of his ( a feature he likes as it was a shirt that he had worn for 8 years.) The pattern calls for cord and eyelets but I didn’t bother with that.

M6973 Pocket lining detail
Pocket lining from old M&S shirt

I also added pocket at the back. He wanted pockets with flaps. I added a single welt pocket and just attached a pocket bag on the inside that is sewn to the back of the shorts rather than a free hanging bag. I hate ironing pocket bags so they can lie flat. These will never scrunch up.

M6973 Collage
1. Fused welt pocket area. 2- single lip welt pocket sewn. 3 Pinned the pocket bag on the wrong side . 4 Draw in pocket lines on the right side and stitch.

All in all he likes the shorts and wears them a lot when its warm enough.

Verdict – an easy pattern to make. Could be a fast make if you have a faux fly instead. It runs large so I would check the pattern sheet measurements and base size on those rather than the pattern envelope.

Thanks for stopping by and have you done any ‘selfless’ sewing lately? Especially for your loudest cheerleader?

Until next time, Happy Sewing!




26 thoughts on “McCalls M6973

  1. Very nice! I think I could do something like this my my hubby or my son. I have made a couple of selfless baby items, both dresses. I am currently thinking of making a vest for my son. He’s actually looking forward to it, which reminds me, I better get started on that one. 😉

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  2. Love the shorts! You have to wonder why mens’ and womens’ zips and plackets are opposite? If it makes you feel better, I once bought a ready-to-wear with a mens’ placket. It kind of makes me giggle every time I wear it! Keep that’ll supportive husband, and watch out – he’ll probably want more clothes made by you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not sure why they have to be on different sides either. Its the same with button plackets on shirts. Wierd that. Yes he does – he has quite a lot of ideas on what I could make him!


    1. I think husbands of sewcialists definitely deserve it for all they put up with 🙂 But isnt it nice when they know what a bias cut is?LoL


  3. Well done you for keeping the chief cheerleader happy.
    One theory about the origin of buttons on menswear being on the opposite side to womenswear was that, in times past, women who could afford clothes with buttons would have had a ladies’ maid to dress them so they needed to be accessible for somebody facing you. I don’t know what happened with gentlemen’s valets – maybe they dressed them as far as the doing up of buttons then left them to fend for themselves.
    p.s. Your husband has my husband’s share of hair!!

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    1. mmmm maybe men’s valets had to button them from behind the gentleman? Its a curious thing that I will look into :-). Lols my hubs has abundant follicles – which also shed!


  4. Love these shorts. I made my husband a shirt but it was too big. He wore it for a bit as don’t think he wanted to hurt my feelings! He’s still waiting for me to take up his jeans and knit him a jumper and socks…. I get distracted with selfish sewing!!

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    1. Selfish sewing is soooo addictive! I know how you feel. I think socks are great idea for the hubs – I hadnt ever thought to do that before – will nick that idea. Thanks 🙂

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  5. Now that’s why, when I make things for others, it feels like selfish sewing! Thanks for explaining it so well. I’ve just made a pair of tailored shorts for my husband and get a ridiculous amount of pleasure from seeing him wear them:)

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  6. Hi Hila great job….I just purchased this pattern (McCall Sale too) to make for my teenage son. He seems a little jealous that I’m always making a dress or top for his sister. Thanks for the tips about sizing…Love the pockets!!!

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    1. Hi Robin. I am glad you found the post useful. This pattern is just great and a quick make. I cant wait for my kids to be old enough to use it for them 🙂


  7. Just finished this same project for my 6’1 200lb guy and he was just swimming in the large. He’s got this teenie little butt that was totally lost in the shorts, and I’m scared to re-do in a smaller size. Looking at finished measurements I could get away with sewing him a small which seems absurd given his size. *sigh* Yours look exceptional.

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