Oliver and S Bucket hats plus more Spring watching

Hello again,

I am excited to share these cute little hats. As I was packing for our holiday I realised we didn’t have enough kids hats one day before departing. Instead of heading out to the shops to buy them I googled “free hat patterns” and came across this Oliver and S Bucket hat.

Oliver and S Reversible Bucket hat

I printed it out, selected fabrics and boom! 3 hours later I had 3 hats :-). The first one took the longest to make and the last 2 were made assembly line style and finished in 45 minutes. This was a scrap busting project too…gotta love a project that doesn’t cost you anything :-).Oliver and S reversible sun hatsReversible hatSunhats 1Sunhats

The pattern is well written, easy to understand and makes a great finished product that is true to size. For the beginner the curves can be a bit frustrating.  On two of the hats I struggled to avoid getting puckers around the curved seams.  With more time it does get much easier now I’ve had more practice but its something to be aware of.

My only gripe would be that it has no chin strap for the little ones who do not like wearing hats!  To be fair it could be easily added on and I will try to do so in future.

I love this pattern and will be making more out of scraps. It’s free and available in four sizes, so whats not to love?


There is so much going on in the garden right now but I selected a few of my favourites sights when I wonder around the garden.

2016-05-06 13.02.49
Sherbert coloured tulips planted last year by my son.
2016-05-06 13.02.58
Pink double petal petal tulips – I planted these with my son last year.
2016-05-06 13.03.09
Stunning red tulips
2016-05-06 13.03.24
There are forget-me-nots everywhere.
2016-05-06 13.04.04
Pear tree blossom
2016-05-06 13.04.22
Bluebells and strawberry plants under the Bramley apple tree.

Everything looks set to make for lovely summer garden..There is still so much to do but the plan for the weekend is to spend a lot of time at the allotment planting, weeding and setting up for summer. Happy days :-).

I am hopeful I can squeeze in a bit of sewing – currently working through some of my UFOs before cutting out new projects. Apparently I was very good at bagging items up and tucking them somewhere random and out of sight. However when I organised my sewing cave – they all came out in one huge pile. A decent sized pile too.The funny thing is that almost 80% of them were abandoned nearly at the finishing line – its mostly buttonholes and zip insertions left to complete :-).

Have you any sewing plans for this weekend? I’d love to hear about them. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Sewing!





24 thoughts on “Oliver and S Bucket hats plus more Spring watching

  1. Those hats are delightful – the fabrics you’ve used are really fun. I’m sure the kids were happy with them. My sewing plans this weekend are to try to finish putting together my quilt but first I have a Zumba class, followed by Pilates so most of it will probably get done tomorrow. Yesterday I spent most of the time unpicking mistakes otherwise I would have been finished by now 😦

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  2. These hats are too cute!! And free, too–can’t beat that! My sewing plans for this weekend also involve kid sewing: little stuffed sharks. The baby shower is next weekend so I’ve got to get them done quick, haha!

    Your garden looks like it is off to a good start; your tulips are especially lovely! We haven’t planted any flowers at our house yet, but hopefully this is our year. 😉

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  3. Thanks for this review, Hila! I’ll use this pattern to make some funny hats for my nephews – such a great idea for stash busting. I’ll be in my garden too this week-end with some sewing. My kind of bliss!

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  4. These look so cute! Isn’t it a great pattern?! I agree with you about this instructions, they’re so clear. I just cut out 2 bucket hats last night & hoping to cut out some sunny day shorts today, and an Inari tee dress for me!
    Your garden looks lovely. Have a great holiday!

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