All sorts any one? Ottobre Kids Design shirts.

Hello chums,

I am just so excited to share these kiddie shirts. I finished them on Friday night and my little people adorned them on Saturday morning. Seeing how adorable they looked and how much they LOVED their new shirts meant it jumped the blog posting queue and here we are!

Pattern is from Ottobre Kids Design Magazine 03/2015. I traced 2 sizes – one for the elder  (155cms size) one and the other 3 are the same size (102cms size ). For Ottobre I add 1/2″ seam allowances.

Ottobre Design Kids 03/2015 Shirt with yokes.

These were a blast to make. Let me preface by saying how much I love the fabric. I saw it on B and M Fabrics website and went gaga for it. Ordered it immediately only to fall further in love. But alas, though I wanted to make myself a shirt or dress the kids took one look and they thought it was for them! I couldn’t very well say “No darlings. This sweet fabric is more fabric to add mummy’s sewing cave…..already full of …………fabric.”  Do you see my meaning? Lols. I digress…pictures….

May 11 242May 11 196May 11 185Button bandMay 11 175May 11 298May 11 252

I made these up in 2 nights of sewing. (I love sewing for little people! Its so fast!) Once again I love Ottobre instructions for their preciseness and well drafted patterns that are just such a good fit. An interesting thing to note is that the collar is in one piece. I had not yet come across this before – it makes sewing even faster. Constructing the sleeves in the flat also make this a quick make. I even added pockets on all the shirts.

The reaction from the kids gave me the most wonderful feeling of joy. Its nice to make things for them :-).

If I count Friday night sewing, this was the only sewing I got done this past weekend. We spent most of it outside. I did try to mend some things while outside but it was too lovely even I had to sit and just enjoy the sun – a rare thing! Did you get any sewing done this weekend?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Sewing all!



PS There a fab giveaway by Sewchet over here. I have already entered 🙂


49 thoughts on “All sorts any one? Ottobre Kids Design shirts.

    1. Thank you! My hubs pointed out that there was no way I could have only made it for one child – they are so close in age that they tend to get competitive over similar things 🙂


  1. I can see why the kids nabbed this fabric. They are all gorgeous in their new shirts. I love Ottobre too and have just bought a magazine for kids a few weeks ago so am keen to make my son some stuff. You are so proficient!

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    1. Ottobre is really good for kids clothes. I also just ordered 2 more magazines that have reissued because of the popularity – 1/2014 and 4/2013. I want to make everything in those 2 books. Cant wait to see what you make for your boys too 🙂


    1. I agree it can get boring and normally I would mix it up. But this fabric was so cute and the baying hounds were waiting eagerly for their shirts so there was an impetus to finish them 🙂

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    1. I couldn’t agree more! The thing is having 4 kids in 3 years and breastfeeding really teaches you exactly how much sleep the body needs – for me my optimal is 6.5 hours of sleep. It may seem little but after years of sleepless nights of feeding and teething babies – its bliss 🙂 So I sew at night – some people have nightcaps or a glass of wine to wind down ,I sew.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for saying that Clarinda! It can be a nightmare especially when they all run off in different directions and I have to enter sheepdog mode 🙂


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