Sewing happenings….

Hello chums,

Just a quick post to share what I am getting up to. Spring and Summer usually mean a burst of sewing events, challenges and competitions. And I do so love a challenge! I have picked up a few things to do in May and June.

First up is a Skirt Contest over at Pattern Review.  It runs from 15 May to 15 June. The rules are pretty simple:

Sew a skirt for yourself or someone else.
It MUST have ..
1. A closure. Buttons, zipper etc. Pull on or wrap skirts of any kind will not qualify for this contest. (While we KNOW that pull on skirts and wrap skirts are indeed skirts, for the purposes of THIS contest, they are not eligible. We wish to make the parameters of the contest as equal as possible for this simple skirt contest, and are drawing the line there).

2. Waist treatment – regular waistband, petersham, waist facings and yokes are all acceptable waist treatments. Please ask if you are unsure.

3. All visible seams must be finished and there must be a finished hem. Lining is optional.

4. Fabric may be knit or woven.

5. Patterns used may include regular, self drafted, altered etc.

6. Any length allowed – mini to maxi and everything in between.

I have already chosen which skirt I want to make for this – a recent Vogue release:



I am torn between using an African wax print or a scuba embossed. Time will tell what I shall go with. I will be cutting out the pattern this weekend.
The second event that I am excited about is The Monthly Stitch’s Indie Pattern Month 2016!
 Its a fantastic challenge that runs over the month of June. They have just announced all 4 challenges :
Week 1 – New to Me
Week 2 -One Pattern Two ways
Week 3 – Hack It
Week 4 – RTW Copycat

Last year I entered and had so much fun that I am doing it this year again. I made 6 garments last year and discovered my favourite new source of bargain patterns So this year goodness knows what I will discover.

Another thing I signed up for is The Monthly Stitch Pattern Swap. I have received my swap partner (I cant share unfortunately) but I am looking for what I think would be a nice Indie pattern for them to try. In turn someone has got me. Its a round robin so I am not buying a pattern for the same person buying for me. It will be interesting to see what I get.

I will also be making a jumpsuit for #JumpingintoJune. (I think I will always make a jumpsuit for June from henceforth!)

Finally there is a McCall Pattern Company Shirtdress sewalong which I am using as an opportunity to make another M6696 Shirtdress.

So thats some of what I will be up to these next couple of months. Have you any plans to join any sewing challenges? Are you tempted by some of the ones I have listed?…go on, share in comments below I’d  love to know…and are there any other sewing challenges/events going on in the next few months?

As always thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back soon. Happy sewing!





40 thoughts on “Sewing happenings….

  1. I remember your Indie pattern month entries – you sewed up a storm! I like the sound of the pattern review contest too, and your choice of pattern. It’s not a contest but Allie J has started a Social Sew link-up party and May’s theme is sewing basics so I’m hoping that will spur me on to finish a few makes I’ve started.

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  2. I’m doing IPM on the Monthly Stitch too – I’ve got ideas for all of the contests, but won’t have time to do all four… what to choose?! Sounds like you’re going to have a busy month or too!

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    1. I had the same problem but I just found I really wanted to do all of them 🙂 These plans are a reflection of my sincerest hopes and desires. Real life might interfere but I shall try. Though I am trying to stick to easy patterns I have made before – except for the New to Me.


  3. I really fancy a jump suit too but haven’t seen any patterns that would suit breastfeeding so will have to do a pattern hack but I’m not sure my brain is up to it at the moment 🙂

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  4. Wow you’re going to be busy! I like the idea of the pattern review comp & the Monthly stitch indie comp, I might pop over & look at those. But the competition I’m looking forward to the most is the start of the Great British Sewing Bee on Monday. Good luck with your entries.

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  5. I’m just about to do the photoshoot for the Artisan Square 2016 SWAP [I’ve done an 11-item SteampunkSWAP]. I was going to do the McCall’s shirtdress one until they limited the pattern choice too far lol. The skirt one looks possible. I could do with a central site that lists all competitions in one place, as I ususally find out about them too late lol. Good luck with all of your entries

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    1. Wow 11 items!I am not sure I have heard of SWAP before – where can I find out about it? It sounds interesting. I didn’t realise the Mccalls shirtdress sewalong had pattern restrictions :-(.

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      1. Welcome! The original postings [and email invite] for the McCall’s had no restrictions, so I went and joined the FB group, posted my chosen fabric and pattern. Within half an hour, they deleted my post, and changed the group rules, Very rude, and they did not respond to my messages. Poops. The SWAP is run annually by Artisans’ Square/The Stitchers’ Guild.


    1. Thank you. I sew mainly at night while little ones are asleep as a way of winding down. Since I stopped using pins I find I am a lot faster too.


  6. I know your makes will be great and can’t wait to see them. I’m doing the monthly stitch IPM, not sure which challenges at this point, would like to do them all:)!

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    1. They are all so much fun. AT first I was forcing myself to pick only one challenge but then I was like ‘Life is too short to confine myself!’ I will try to do all of them – even if I dont manage to complete them or win , the fun is in the process for me 🙂

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    1. Looking forward to your makes too. Its fun constantly trying to dream up something for IPM. Did you go for the PDF or paper pattern swap? I went for paper but quickly regretted it as choice is a bit limited when its Indie paper patterns…..


      1. I went with paper, too. Not a fun of pdf patterns, to tell you the truth. Love being able to hold onto the pattern envelope. Plus, I don’t want to screw around with printing 20 pages of paper together and then have to cut it all out. I’m old school.


  7. Some great plans here. Wow! So many, too. I look forward to following. After the wedding I will get the chance to sew for myself but probably won’t feel like it until July! I like PR comps but couldn’t enter the ones I wanted to as they came at the wrong time. Will review later. Good luck with your plans

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  8. I am doing the McCall company sew along and i chose the M6696 too:) it Will be my first shirtdress 💪🏾 … Your post is so full of energy.. I like it ! So i Will follow your progress 🙂

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  9. Exciting times ahead! Good luck with the pattern review challenge! I’m sure you’ll smash it! I’m so glad I’m back tracking and catching up with my blog reading as I’ve been meaning to make m6696 for ages and the sewalong is just the kick up the but that I need! 😀 (ps I thought you might’ve been in this year’s GBSB, and was gutted that you weren’t!)

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    1. I am flattered you thought me brave enough to enter the GBSB! I considered it but at the end of the day Its a heck of a lot of time and sewing that isnt for me. There are no actual prizes (I love getting free stuff for making things for me!). But more importantly I love teaching and helping people learn (hence being a lecturer) so I would find it very very hard to see someone else struggling and not want to stop and help out because I am there and I can help out. Though I havent sewn in a group with others – I imagine sewing with others who love the craft should be a joyous time. I had so much fun at the meet up with other dressmakers while not sewing but imagine if we were in a big sewing room just being there to help each other with fitting and techniques….that would be more fun!

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