My Birthday Dress aka Burda Tie Neck Maxi Dress 07/2015 #105B

Hello all,

Happy May Madness to all. I keep seeing that phrase everywhere I go and its now stuck in my head. Anyhow here is the last of the items I made before I went off on holiday. Since my birthday was going to be away  from the cold and uncertainty of Northern English weather I decided to make a tropical dress for my big day.

My choice was a sweeping eye catching dress that reminded me of the 1920s. 18 months ago I went to watch Top Hat at the Leeds Grand Theater and I was so inspired by the 20s styles I saw there. When Burda 07/2015 came out the front cover didn’t catch my eye but it was the line drawing that hooked me.

See here what I mean………

Burda 07/2015 Tie neck halter neck dress #105B

I really liked the hip yoke. It was clear to me that it had to be made from  a drapey fabric to maximise the flowy-ness. I had the perfect fabric in my stash that I had bought initially to make a Giselle maxi dress. Its a large red floral on white background that I just love. I am a sucker for large dramatic floral prints.

The first snag was insufficient fabric. So I had to reduce the flare of the skirt insert panels by cutting and overlapping them by 4″. There are 4 skirt panels which removed 8×4 ” of hem so that reduced the hem by 32″. Yes people – this skirt has a lot of flounce and flare already but imagine if it had it all! It could have had it allllllll <rolling in the deeeeeeep>……  Alas the fabric was not available for reorder :-(. It ate up at whopping 4 m of fabric. Would have been more.

I made it up with the tie neck at first but I wasn’t very comfortable with how much back it was showing so I put it aside to think about how I could solve this pickle. Eventually I decided that a cross over strap was the best option. Straight forward straps seemed boring for this fab design. The next step was deciding what thickness I wanted for the straps. I played around with various thicknesses and was happy with an inch thick. I then just used red bias binding along the armhole, back and neck area to neaten it up. I overlocked seams and edgestitched because the fabric is a crepe which does not iron very well. For the hem I did a tiny zigzag then folded over and stitched. Its a nice narrow finish and new to me technique learnt from the Burda Magazine.

Another thing to note is that this is a Burda Tall pattern which basically means its drafted for heights on 1.75m. I took off 9cm by distributing 3cm reductions at waist, hip and skirt length areas so as to maintain the proportions. I like to think  it worked.Verdict I love love this dress. I feel very …..elegant ( a rarely felt but nice) when wearing it. Its also  a fabric that stays cool. I was able to wear it quite a lot actually.

Bday dress

The invisible zip is my best application yet as you cant really tell except for the bit bumping up. I believe that fusing interfacing to the area made a real difference to the quality of the zip finish.

There is an a zip there on that side seam 🙂
PicMonkey Collage
Selecting strap thickness….

Zimbabwe 835

Zimbabwe 836
It was so bright and hot even with the hat on my eyes were struggling..
Zimbabwe 840
The sun did us a favour and went behind a cloud briefly

Zimbabwe 841Zimbabwe 842Zimbabwe 843Zimbabwe 844Zimbabwe 845Zimbabwe 846

Zimbabwe 847
I love how the skirt portion billows and moves…I cant help but sashay 🙂

Zimbabwe 848Zimbabwe 849

Verdict. I love it. I feel elegant in this dress. The fabric breathes and stay cool which was a bonus on holiday. I shall make another when I come across the right fabric and I can get the 5m I would need. I could easily hack it to just make the skirt portion too which I am tempted to do. I also thought the Burda instructions on this were reasonably good.

More importantly I have started a small new tradition for myself where I can make myself something extra special every year :-). Do you make something extra special for your birthday? I am only new to this concept but idea excites me.

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs. Until next time….Happy sewing!

Peace and love.






47 thoughts on “My Birthday Dress aka Burda Tie Neck Maxi Dress 07/2015 #105B

  1. Very glam indeed! You obviously need to make more- can I whisper in your ear that you should make one with contrast piping to emphasise those amazing style lines? Hmmm? Go on, you know it will look wonderful and show off your figure even more…go on go on go on go on !

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  2. Oh, I LOVE this! This cut really hugs and accentuates all the right places in all the right ways! It looks wonderful on you, and I can totally understand feeling elegant wearing it! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lovely lady! I wish you all the best the year can bring and many happy returns!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This dress is magnificient and perfectly romantic for a birthday under the sun. I’ve never made myself a special birthday dress, but I definitely should.

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  4. Lovely, but 5 metres?! You definitely chose the right fabric as the photos show how well if flows. I’d love to see this in a plain fabric, too, as the construction lines are a bit lost in the big print. Happy Birthday!

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  5. A belated happy birthday, and so lovely that you could celebrate it in hot and sunny climes. This swishy floral styles looks fab on you and could easily be dressed up on an evening or worn for a summers picnic! And love the idea for a special birthday make. I usually make 1 thing special dress each year, either for our works Christmas do, or a wedding. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It will be more summer picnics than evenings out unfortunately 🙂 I am going to the Leeds Grand for Darren Brown next month though – so I will wear it if the weather is obliging 🙂

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  6. I am late to this post but was just searching for a maxi dress and found it. Amazing job! It looks fantastic, and I am blown away by that zipper job! Gives me hope…..


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