When Alder met Nani Iro.

Hello all!

Its FriYAY! I love Friday so much – its my joint favourite day with Monday :-). I am here to share an Alder shirtdress that ought to have been finished a couple of months ago at least. Alas, it has been a UFO sitting in a carrier back waiting for button holes—oh the shame of it! Anyhow better late than never eh?

This Nani Iro ‘Poncho’ fabric has been in my stash for a really long time (like since the stash began :-)). Being rather precious about it,  of course it was going to made into a TNT pattern like the Alder shirt dress which I have made in blue cotton lawn here and in John Kaldor lawn here . Though I would have loved a bum ruffle – insufficient fabric meant I went for the minimalism of the View A. To add some sizzle I opted to use a scrap of Cotton and Steel in lilac on the under collar. I decided against sewing the full collar because double gauze  is so soft – it doesn’t do crisp corners very well.

Can I just take a paragraph to wax lyrical about how breathtakingly lush this fabric feels against my skin – I feel like I am wearing nothing on at all which is nice yet strange. I digress…pictures…

Nani Iro AlderSpring BBQ 192Spring BBQ 194Spring BBQ 200Spring BBQ 210Spring BBQ 220Spring BBQ 233Spring BBQ 244Spring BBQ 247

Construction wise I french seamed it and used self cover buttons. Speaking of self cover buttons I need to give a shout to Ali who recommended this Universal Tool for Cover Buttons and OMG they were a doddle to make. When I think of how long it took me previously! I love the buttons. They are like little candies. Spring BBQ 301Spring BBQ 304Spring BBQ 305

Spring BBQ 240Again sewing this up was so easy because the instructions are excellent plus there is a sewalong on Grainline website. I cant add anything that I haven’t already said about this great pattern.

I really like this dress because its also one of my first forays into cutting what I consider to be my most precious of fabrics. They say the first step is the hardest; I am hoping it gets easier as I have some Liberty Tana lawn and more Nani Iro. Have you cut into your most ‘precious’ fabric yet? Does it get easier after the first time?

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing until next time.

Peace and love.





32 thoughts on “When Alder met Nani Iro.

  1. The first thing I noticed after the luscious fabric were the buttons! I have Nani Iro envy. Always. I’ve never ordered any because I don’t think I could cut into it.

    I love the length. Did you adjust it? (And how tall are you?)

    It’s a perfect make! Enjoy!

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  2. Hila, this dress is so pretty! I love the dots and your covered buttons. I, too, am a precious fabric hoarder. I have a few cuts of double gauze in my stash and a few cuts of Liberty (one of which is Hello Kitty lawn and has reached epic levels of preciousness!) I just did my first actual sewing with double gauze yesterday and it is like wearing a cloud! Now I feel a little more motivated to use what is in my stash since it’s so lovely to wear!

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    1. Double gauze is amazing to wear and I will definitely be buying more in future. I also have a Hello Kitty Liberty lawn in my stash!!! I am incredibly precious about it as well.


  3. Beautiful! I too have precious fabric from Thailand that I have been holding onto for years waiting for the perfect project. And I don’t know what that project is going to be. I need to be brave like you and put the material to good use.

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  4. Gorgeous fabric! I know what you mean about ‘precious’. I have several yards of linen that I bought on the Amalfi coast. They’re so yummy, I can’t bear to cut them! Your dress is darling though, inspiration!

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    1. Thanks Elle. But just think how much more lovely it will be to see your precious fabric hanging up in your closet where you can see it daily as opposed to it being in a stash box somewhere where you hardly see it. Go on cut into it and make a gorgeous dress 🙂

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  5. Yes, there’s nothing like a TNT pattern for those precious fabrics. I second you: this pattern is perfection. I totally admire your perfect execution with French seams, covered buttons and contrasting inside collar. Great work!

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  6. It’s lovely and will see you through lots of sunny days. I am a Liberty tana lawn hoarder – it sounds like a confession doesn’t it? I love to get the fabric out and stroke it. It’s not that I’m scared to cut into it exactly just that I don’t really know what to make with it as I rarely wear ‘ditsy’ florals. When I’m tempted now, I try to buy their more ‘grown up’ designs.

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    1. I loveLiberty Lawn to look at too but I do confess that some of their designs are too ditsy floral for me too. They do have some nice quirky designs that have caught my eye like the Isle of Wight fabric.

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