Sewaholic Granville No. 5

Hello everyone,


It seems I cannot go 6 months without making another Granville shirt. So I present to you my 5th rendition. Made in a medium weight cotton fabric. I liked the green and fuschia floral print.

There is nothing new to add about this shirt except that I experimented with using snaps. I believed that it would be faster and easier than buttons and buttonholes – how wrong I was -_-.

Pictures ahoy……….

Sewaholic Granville

Sewaholic Granville

I love it and will be cutting out a plain chambray one for my next rendition. I will be doing a lot of cutting out of projects in an attempt to calm my mind that it still reeling from THAT thing. I never quite full appreciated how uncertainty can cause mental and emotional anguish. Still I am reminding myself that there are a lot of people dealing with much worse uncertainty – some live with not knowing whether they will be alive tomorrow because of wars, famine, disease etc. Perspective. I WILL push on doing what I do and I WILL NOT sink back into depression because of the helplessness and hopelessness I feel.




15 thoughts on “Sewaholic Granville No. 5

  1. With you 100% on THAT THING but trying to keep my griping to facebook. Meanwhile sewing is the best therapy, although I feel I may not be spending a much on it as usual as the reality takes hold. Another great shirt, and I’m so jealous of your figure!


  2. Randomly I’m also working on a new Granville – I’ve decided to cheer myself up from thinking about THAT THING and what is more cheerful than red gingham? I like the snaps Fwiw.

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  3. Yes, I need to spend less time thinking / talking / reading about THAT thing and more time finishing a summer dress for when / if it ever stops raining (I can’t remember whether we were promised better weather as a result of THAT thing)


  4. Lovely shirt, Hila ~ where did you find your fabric! Hope it wasn’t ages ago in some far away galaxy. 😘
    THAT THING has been watched on this side of the pond, too, where we have our own “elephant in the room,” to coin a phrase.
    Right now we’re all living one day at a time, I think, and sewing or crafting is a positive and productive way to ease anxieties. xx
    Chocolate also helps. 😉


  5. I have just recently found your blog. We have sewn so many of the same things…have a similar body habitus…and I have experienced many of your same learning curves and “hello!!!” moments in my sewing! Your pics have inspired me to try the Adler shirt dress and the Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt…despite having seen them in other venues for some time. I feel I have found a friend. As many things/men as they are that may try to divide us, separate us, make us feel different…one from the other…it just ain’t so (sew!!!). Hang in there. Your new friend from Chattanooga, TN


  6. This is gorgeous Hila! I thought snaps would be quicker too but have read a few posts recently which have let me know otherwise. They look so good though!


  7. Thinking of you all re: “that thing.” I can only imagine the angst! This is another beautiful shirt from you… snaps though… I hate installing them!


    1. Mmm… I think I might try with the right tools. I didnt have the snap tool thats supposed to be easy – I used the hammer on method. I am going to try with proper tools and see how I get on. I do really like the effect of snaps though .

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