New Look 6423 knit dresses

Hello chums,

Allow me to present these gorgeous little girls dresses made in delicious cotton jersey using New Look 6423.  May 11 098

May 11 103May 11 113May 11 with textMay 11 140

Its a relatively fast dress to make. I worked with fold over elastic for the first time; sewing it takes a bit of getting used to. I think I only got the hang of it at the fourth go. Pattern has pockets but I left them out as they were too low for my liking. I could have adjusted but I was just too excited to see the finished product.

Cons: they are a bit too big for them. I cut a size 3 yrs and they only turned 2 in December last year. Still I think it runs on the large size but they will grow into them.

I dont like the way the neck keeps coming away. You can see it in some of the pictures. But all it requires in stitching down in the ditch which I have since done. The fabric was another purchase from B&M Fabrics at Leeds Market – a great quality cotton jersey that only cost £6/meter and washes really well too.

I underestimated how much fabric to make the dresses so I ended up sewing 2 bits together to make up the second dress with the contrast yoke. It looks like a design feature but really it was borne out of necessity :-). Hems were finished with a simple zigzag stitch

The leggings they are wearing  are from Ottobre Kids magazine. I picked up the minions cotton jersey fabric from the market as well. I have made about 3 sets of these leggings to date.

Verdict – Highly recommend this pattern. A quick sew, comfy dress that they can run/tumble/cartwheel/play around in.

I have already cut out a second set 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time Happy Sewing all :-0

Peace and love,



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