Hello chums,

I interrupt your regular broadcasting to share with you whats been inspiring my love of big floral fabrics of late. I cant help it surrounded by all these flowers. We have been doing a lot of work at the allotment and the garden when the weather permitted.

2016-06-08 16.48.282016-06-08 16.48.382016-06-08 16.48.502016-06-08 16.49.092016-06-08 16.49.212016-06-09 13.08.192016-06-09 13.08.412016-06-09 13.09.092016-06-09 13.09.242016-06-09 13.09.45

2016-06-09 13.10.43
Pumpkins were good this year but courgettes (last 2 post) were a no show 😦
2016-06-09 13.10.50
Cabbage. Thyme. Purple sprouting broccoli. Cauliflower. Beetroot. Tomatoes.

2016-06-09 13.11.282016-06-09 13.11.472016-06-09 13.24.082016-06-09 13.24.24

We pulled a lot of garlic out this weekend. and harvested our broad beans – they tasted lush just boiled and tossed in butter.

2016-07-05 16.27.39
Red Donesk Garlic – All this from just 3 bulbs saved from last years harvest.

Meanwhile at the allotment we have nearly finished building all the raised beds. 2016-06-26 14.33.192016-06-26 14.33.23

2016-06-26 14.33.30
Garlic Lautrec Wight
2016-06-26 14.33.34
The rhubarb is not doing well. I grew this from seed ‘Glaskins Perpetual’ before I read that its not a good idea with rhubarb. Its better to buy crowns as they are true to type. I need to replace this with a variety called Valentine that is supposed to great tasting.
2016-06-26 14.33.44
Sweetcorn – we have high hopes for it this year. Last year it was all gobbled up by slugs 😦

I am grateful to be surrounded by the sheer beauty of nature – it can remind us just how lucky we are to be alive. On that note -I hope your day was good too.

Thanks for stopping by. I will be back very soon with a completed project post tomorrow. Until then, happy sewing everyone.

Peace and love,






17 thoughts on “Summerwatch

  1. Wow! It takes so much time and effort but look how you are rewarded. So beautiful and tasty too. We just have started on our own garden, which is a bit overgrown. Don’t think we will get corn to grow in the north of Scotland though.

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  2. What beautiful flowers, and all your veg sounds amazing! We’ve really been enjoying our garden this summer, it’s so nice to go out and potter about and see my son enjoying it as well. I might need to try growing garlic next year, yours looks so good!

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    1. An allotment is a plot of land that can rented by an individual for growing vegetables or flowers. Ours has about 80 plots in total. Each plot is rented by different people.

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  3. I didn’t realise you had an allotment too! How do you find the time? Next time I see you I’ll have to give you a rhubarb crown. We can’t eat ours quick enough and it’s gorgeous!

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