Octopus McCalls M6044 retake

Hello everyone,

After the success of the first M6044 shirt I made for Mr SNS I decided to make another one. Mr SNS chose this fabric after he saw me browsing online some months ago. Needless to say I dithered and by the time I was ready to commit to buying this Cotton & Steel fabric it was sold out in the UK. In the end I bought it on Etsy from the US for considerably more money. Lesson learnt. When you see a fabric you definitely like , get it!

Anyhow with this one Mr SNS said he wanted the back yoke and some contrasting cuffs. Like before I finished all seams with french seams. Pictures…


Am proud of the pattern matching on that pocket.


The back yoke has a quirky pointy feature. It was cut on the bias



Mr SNS complained that the sleeves were slightly too short on the first one so I added an inch.



He is happy ergo I am happy :-). Now he is on the lookout for more funky fabric….any suggestions?

As always more later! Happy Sewing all.

Peace and love,





36 thoughts on “Octopus McCalls M6044 retake

  1. I love this fabric. Sadly, Master Steely has a weird phobia about octopuses so sadly an octopus shirt is not a possiblity. Love the pattern matching and the plain black for the underside of the cuffs and collar – nice touch.

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  2. Great fabric! That’s my favorite shirt pattern for my man too! It looks like you’ve nailed the fit, and the pattern matching on that pocket is incredible. No fabric I can think of can keep up with that fantastic choice :).

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  3. Bloody gorgeous! Love it, and I now need an octopus shirt. Why do you do this to me? Anyhew, if you want quirky, look up some Alexander Henry styles. Total madness, Day of the Dead, Tattoo, saucy pinups, all the crazy. [Pricey though!]

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  4. Love both your quirky senses of humour! You did a great job on this, Hila!
    Suggest you check out quilting cottons… only know U.S. sources, unfortunately. Sorry! (Would suggest fabric.com in general.)

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  5. It looks like Mr. SNS is getting his groove on! It looks like he’s enjoying the awesome shirt with the awesome fabric and pattern matching! (Please ask him to NOT tell my husband.)

    Great work Hila!

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    1. I do wish I lived down south sometimes. Ditto looks like it would be an Aladdins cave that I could spend an entire day and all our savings in! Thanks for the link.


  6. This is still my favourite fabric of all time. I made a shirtdress out of the teal colourway and it makes me so happy! Great job with the contrasting cuffs and collar, and the fit looks spot on! I love to see people rocking a bold print, nice work!

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