Hello chums,


Its been a long time….2 weeks to be exact and I have missed you all. I have missed the writing process. Several reasons are behind this but technical problems are my biggest headache so far. I used to be quite tech savvy until my boyfriend started helping out, then he moved in with me  – then I married him. We merged and he sort of became the tech guy and now 10 years later I haven’t had to deal with any tech stuff. So when something goes wrong I wait for him to sort it out. The other day I was quite perturbed at how I have ended like this argh.

Anyhow I digress. Its been a very busy holiday so far. We got back from London last night absolutely knackered. We did a lot of the touristy stuff with the kids but I didnt get to enjoy much of it. I was behind the scenes running wriggling childrens to the toilets and cleaning up messes, feeding, etc etc. I did feel fabulous doing it though – in fact I have decided that whenever we go anywhere from now on I will be wearing my very most glamourous dresses. And here is Why?

So imagine you are standing at a bus stop in Knightsbridge waitng for bus number 52 to take you to the Science Museum and your 2 yr old says she needs to do a wee ( she is 4 weeks into potty training and refuses absolutely refuses to wear nappies anymore because she is a ‘big strong girl now‘ & even if you take advantage of your larger physical size and forcibly put them on her she still takes them off as soon as you get them on ). You quickly look around for a discreet spot nearby, finding none you decide to get the other 4 siblings to provide cover and go for it. But little miss like to squat just like so and takes her sweet time but before you know it there is little trail of wee slowly gently flowing towards the road across the pavement. It starts off a narrow stream quickly becoming a wider one then a large trickling faster flowing river. Its a dry sunny day so the wet path is very clearly visible. While all your attention is caught in trying make sure shoes and pants dont get piddled on your oldest yelps on top of his voice “Oh no!” – a quick glance in the direction of his eyes reveals the other 2 year old , having been inspired by her twin sister, happily squatting and just beginning her own stream. Her cute little bum, in perfect squat, is facing out…….. towards the road where from across the street is a little cafe with outdoor tables packed with bemused looking diners. “Look mummy I am doing a wee wee too ”  she looks up at you eyes shining with pride. You take a deep breath , ignore the other busstoppers (who graciously are giving you more and more space as they edge very slowly away) and say ” Well done darling. You didnt wet yourself!.”. You help her pull up her underpants in time to see your middle one doing the dance. Ok three time the charm and by now really nothing can ruffle you. You finish off and stand up, shoulders back chest out. There is a breeze that makes your maxi dress billow in the wind, the thigh high split revealing a leg. You turn to get back to the bus stop shelter and catch a glimpse of your reflection – a beautifully made Anna maxi dress in a fabulous print. You know you look good and you feel good. Bus comes and by some  miracle you all manage to get in with the double buggy folded up.

When this happened – being in a fab dress helped me. I lost count of how many times I had to take to the shrubs or behind a pillar for a little one to wee. I will remember this trip as one where I learnt the power of fabulous (well fitting) frock. It enhanced my confidence in myself and frankly speaking it made not care what others thought of me in those moments. I felt great and that was enough. Does a fab dress do that for you too?


Today I am just recovering lounging in my yoga pants and my SImplicity 1317 sweater. I am also planning last minute details for our camping trip this weekend to South Wales. Its our first camping trip – we are a large family so holidays don’t come cheap. Thats why we have decided to do the camping thing. We bought a huge tent during Amazon Prime Day.Its this one 61w1y1ugp2bl

I am quite excited despite the fact that we dont have sleeping bags or a camping stove. Still, one must start somewhere. The plan is to  do Wales first for training so to speak, then start doing European camping trips. Any camping advice for the absolute novice?


Quitting sugar

In other news after much ruminating I have decided to quit sugar. Its day 7 now and I think I am past the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. I am still craving my usual sweet treats though. My sweet tooth had gotten out of control – I was having many sugar highs and lows in a day resulting in me eating sweets as early as 10am in the morning. In the absence of sweets I would go for the condensed milk which I could easily do a can a day. I have been having a lot of headaches, weakness and aching in my limbs. My energy levels feel  lower at the moment but I am hoping with time this will improve. I have tried to lower my sugar  intake before but my will power was weaker than my intentions. Its been a lot easier to just quite sugar – kin of like how fasting is easier than dieting. So it means I am not eating fruit either. I will reintroduce fruit after I have gone 1 full month of no sugar. Already my taste buds have adjusted – the other day we had grilled vegetables for dinner. Among the vegetables were red onions and orange peppers. I had never realised how sweet red onions were nor how incredibly sweet orange peppers were. I also had a carrot stick and thought how sweet it was so I checked how much sugar carrots have – its about 4.2g per 100g. I noticed the sugar because I have been sticking to things less than 1g sugar per 100g. For breakfast I have either oats porridge or bacon and eggs. These seem to fill me up more than cereals did. The hardest part has been not partaking in desserts that I have made. I love baking and make at least 3 baked desserts a week. ……3 more weeks to go. So far I am finding that its the hidden sugars that really annoy me e.g. on the way to London we stopped by a services and ordered some subs which came with a choice of drinks. I automatically ordered Tropicana orange juice instead of Tango fizzy pop for my twins. But when I checked the sugar content per 100g the Tropicana had double the sugar content of the Tango. I had read that fruit juices can have more sugar that pop but I had never really believed it, now I do. Are you also thinking of your taming your sweet tooth or have you tamed yours too? How did you manage? Is there a middle ground?

Enough of my ramblings. Its been good to write down my thoughts and I thank you for reading or browsing.

Peace and love,





24 thoughts on “Ramblings…

  1. I know what you mean about the techie stuff. My husband is ‘in computers’ – although more management than the techie side these days – so I leave any really tricksy stuff to him but am deeply ashamed if it turns out to be something simple that I should have been able to sort myself.

    Your wee tales made me laugh. It could have been worse. I remember my sister going on holiday with my parents to Spain with two little ones in tow and one of them squatted and did a poo. Apparently the crowds were not quite as sympathetic as the ones you encountered – perhaps my sister didn’t have on a nice enough dress 😉

    I am the worse person in the world to ask about camping. My husband ‘persuaded’ me to go two or three times when the girls were small and, unfortunately, we had hideous weather – a gale force storm overnight while perched on the edge of a cliff top. Everybody else either left or had their tents shredded – we were the only tent left standing. I never went again. I won’t tell you where that was 😉 When it works though – it’s a wonderful family holiday. I understand that European campsites are much more ‘luxurious’ as a general rule – certainly they are very popular here in France.

    As for fruit juice! I thought I was being a good mother in the late-90s by giving my two fruit juice instead of fizzy drinks but now we know different and I feel guilty although neither have any fillings and they’re in their early 20s now.

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  2. You are so right that wearing something you feel really good in can help you overcome most things – including a river of wee! I like camping but have never attempted it with small children! Have you had a practice run of putting the tent up, it does help. A mummy liner to go inside your sleeping bag is useful because it can be surprisingly cold in a tent at night even at this time of year. We keep things simple on all fronts, including food, and after a couple of days I usually abandon any attempt to look presentable but I’m sure with a couple of your dresses packed you won’t have that problem! I’m impressed at your former ability to consume a can of condensed milk! We’ve pretty much given up sugar since W’s heart attack and I’ve not really missed it. I did wean myself off it more gently than he did as I had a bag of very nice chocolates that someone brought me back from Italy which had to be dealt with! We do still eat fruit (dried & fresh) but no refined sugar – or even honey/agave syrup etc. I’ve been experimenting with alternative baking using dried fruit and vegetables with some degree of success. Have a great holiday.

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  3. Oh I can identify with so many things in this post… Having four children, finding a place to use the bathroom is always on my mind when we are out. We’re near Boston, so any trips into the city can turn into a logistical nightmare! It’s a shame that it’s so difficult to find access to public restrooms. On the tech front, I used to know way more than my husband about computers, but he’s light years ahead of me now. Sigh… guess he has to be better than me at something… ha! I totally sympathize with wanting to cut out sugar. I’ve considered doing that myself, but the biggest thing holding me back is my twice daily coffee! I do fast two days/wk (because like you said, so much easier than dieting!) and I have no sugar those days, and my coffee is nearly unbearable. Good luck with your efforts! I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

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  4. What a fun post, hilarious wee wee story. That sugar…I gave it up some years ago, and I recently ate some ice cream (ok, a lot of ice cream), and I was laid out, weak, headachy, for a whole day! Oh well. I love fruit, am sure you’ll be happy to get it back in the program. But good for you!

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  5. I so need to do a sugar detox. I’m getting so little sleep at the moment I’m overly reliant on sugar to pep me up. I think I’ll leave the detox until I no longer have a small human hanging off me every 3 seconds tho. Hope you stick to it!

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  6. This is the best thing I’ve read all night, I just love your London tale. I also think that’s the best reason ever to want to feel glamorous and in your best frock! I always think that I only really dress up for myself not to impress others, it does so much for your confidence and your outlook for the day – I have to agree 🙂 A great excuse for dressmaking too!
    Good luck with your no sugar. I think I would struggle cutting it out completely but I am trying to be more aware of my consumption. Have you found any healthy options to replace dessert or are you just avoiding dessert completely?

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    1. Hi Georgia. Right now I am doing a complete no sugar detox to get my body to a blank slate. After 1 month I will reintroduce some low fructose fruit like blueberries, grapefruit, kiwi etc and then in 2 months I will start experimenting with using stevia and rice malt syrup in making desserts. For now my ‘desserts’ comprise of steamed cauliflower and/or cheese.


  7. I might have to try that idea of dressing up so you feel great even when the kids are having a melt down (or weeing by the bus stop).
    On the sugar free topic, we have been fully sugar free since new year to try and help calm our son down. It has been amazing for the whole family. Our 7 year old son had taken it on fully and knows exactly what has sugar in or not, even at beavers or school. Our 10 year old daughter is so much calmer and her temper has been completely reduced. Even my husband is happier, has more tolerance for the kids(which is great for the summer holidays when he works from home)!! I don’t feel much different but have lost weight while still eating chips and curry!! Every time I see a child going crazy and parents trying to contain them I desperately want to tell them to cut out the dust sugar. The smallest amount sends my family haywire now! Good luck with it and keep persevering!

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  8. I felt bad for how much I laughed at your wee story… I was laughing *with* you, honest! And you’re right, wearing something that makes you look and feel great has a huge impact in difficult circumstances. I always used to dress up fancy for exams for exactly the same reason.

    Camping – yes, definitely have a trial run of putting up the tent before you go! Pack warmer clothes than you think you’ll need – being outside all the time means you need a lot of layers. Make a note of a few easy one pot meals and bring the ingredients with you – but be prepared for cooking to take a while… It is great fun, I’m sure you’ll have a blast. Can’t wait to hear how you get on 🙂

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  9. Oh, this took me back to a few years ago shopping in Coast. I left my then 16yr old son holding the pushchair with the baby and toddler at the entrance of the shop. Toddler pulled down his pants and wee’d in the doorway, much to my oldest son’s utter embarrassment and humiliation! We camp every year and LOVE it. My top tip is to take a blanket to cover your airbed with as it gets very cold underneath. ‘Smash’ potato flakes are a lifesaver as well. Sausage, baked beans and mash never tasted so good. My whole family are now sugar-free the majority of the time which allows us to enjoy a full-on dessert at the weekend. Good luck with everything!

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  10. LOL I’m super-impressed that you still felt fabulous 🙂 Aren’t kids the best? When my eldest was little she wet her knickers in Ikea – I debated buying her some more, but it’s like a 10 minute bus-ride home… At this point I had 2 younger ones in the double buggy. So we get on the bus, sit up at the front on those high-up seats. Obviously it takes me about 5 minutes to manouevre the buggy into place, after which I turn round to see her sitting up on this seat where the whole bus can see her, cross-legged with her skirt up round her waist… I didn’t feel fabulous…

    Camping is awesome as long as you make sure everyone is warm. Have fun!


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  11. Every family has a few stories about potty training that they aren’t too proud of… 😊

    This sugar thing…it is just so sneaky. Found in so many more places than it should be, and the body appears to regard pasta/white rice as other forms of sugar… Someone told me that adding cinnamon to things that are supposed to be sweet, makes you miss the sugar less. So now, I make oatmeal with dry shredded coconut, a bit of brown sugar, (about half as much as before) and many shakes of cinnamon. Not bad.
    Best of luck with that, please share the end effects with us.

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  12. I wish you lived nearer. My daughter is a keen camper (also for financial reasons) and has been taking her little boys to Epping Forest and Hastings for a few days at a time. In this nice weather it is such a great way to let the children run around freely. She cooks fish, potatoes etc on an open fire so they are learning lots. And they eat everything – no fuss. Which brings us to the second question. She believes (and I think she is right) that sugar is quite a dangerous substance when used in manufacturer food (including home made cakes, jam, puddings) so she doesn’t let the boys have it. And it is a struggle, but they are adapting. They enjoy brown rice, our homemade sour dough wholemeal bread and fruit for pudding. I admire her as it is quite hard work, but I do think giving kids sweets for treats etc is not ideal. And I loved the wee story (and have plenty of my own….)

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  13. I feel everything you’ve said. It’s so exactly life with children and a pretty dress. A pretty dress can help you cut sugar too, the extra confidence really is amazing. When camping sometimes we prep ingredients for a meal and put them in a closable plastic bag. It can save prep time and storage space.

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  14. I am also giving up sugar & am about a week & a half in. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but was finally pushed to do it when I had a little diabetes scare. EVERYONE in my family has type 2 diabetes, & it killed my dad when he was not much older than I am right now. I may not be able to win the battle against my overwhelming genetic disposition for diabetes, but if giving up sugar gives me an edge, I’ll do it.

    I am eating fruit, because I have never really been into it & I feel like I need it to replace the carbohydrates I usually go to for snacks. (Carbs are just instantly transformed into sugar & can be bad for diabetics.) I also allow myself a tiny amount of honey in smoothies, depending on what else is in them.

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    1. Good luck with it Ciara. I am now at 2 weeks in and the cravings have finally stopped. I can now look at sweet stuff and not feel like I am missing out. I found the I Quit Sugar website incredibly helpful too if you havent checked it out already. X


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