Sewaholic Oakridges

Hello chums,

I took a rather unexpected break from blogging. Actually it was forced upon me…its summer holidays and the kids have been wanting to play a new PC game they got as a present. Wrestling for control of the computer when you are a significantly outnumbered as I am means that I have no access to write up my blog posts :-(. I need a laptop <sigh>.

Still I have managed to bribe them with extra morning PC time in exchange for 30 mins to write up this post. Please forgive any typos and remember that Done is better than Perfect :-). I am running behind on posting my finished items and these were finished over a month ago actually. OK here goes…

I bought the Oakridge pattern a  long time ago but never got round to sewing it up . I even started it but never finished it off. In a flurry of productivity I decided to tackle some of my UFOs after getting back from holiday in early May and these 2 were in the pile.May bank holiday weekend 480May bank holiday weekend 486May bank holiday weekend 497May bank holiday weekend 537May bank holiday weekend 538May bank holiday weekend 559May bank holiday weekend 569May bank holiday weekend 577May bank holiday weekend 579

I made  a muslin (the one with the secretary bow was the muslin btw) which was wearable. The only alteration I made was to raise the armscye so I could move my arms up high.

Its ok buy am not convinced. I have worn the black floral one once since the photo shoot and it was alright for hanging out at home but I didn’t like to go out with it on…maybe its the flare at the hip. Or that the  fabric is too stiff on the black one.

If I make this again I’d need to reduce the flare.On the muslin it wasn’t an issue but using the cotton which is stiff just makes it stand out. Goes to show that you need to muslin in a fabric that behaves similarly to your intended fashion fabric! Hubs says its looks nice on me. But I just dont like that fabric. I have decided to pack it away until next season and see how I feel about it then.Can fabric choice grow on you?

I really like the lilac muslin one with the pussy bow. So I think I will only use drapey but lighter weight fabrics for the Oakridge in the future. I am not sure I will make that many more of these – I know I will definitely make one more.

I am so behind with my finished projects posts on the blog but if you like to see what I am sewing you can hang out with me on Instagram Stories where I have discovered a love of oversharing what I am up to 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! Happy sewing!




23 thoughts on “Sewaholic Oakridges

  1. Well, fabric can grown on you, but must admit that when it does that for me it generally means I’ve discovered another pattern I’d prefer to use. But by all means put it away for next year! You may decide it’ll do for something, and this at hand would be fine. 😉 (I think they both look great on you!)

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  2. Thanks for bribing the kids to share your new makes, Hila! 😉 The blouses are really lovely. I think the simplicity of the first one balances the sweetness of the floral nicely. And the one with the pussy bow dresses up the jeans. Good styling!

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  3. I can relate to choosing the wrong weight fabric for a piece and then end up never wearing it. Nice as it looks, if it doesn’t feel good on, then don’t be afraid to cut it up and make something else out of it, maybe for one of the kids. Try restricting their time on the PC to half an hour each per day – it works for me and is better for them:)

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    1. The fabric choice is one of those things that I just wonder what on earth I was thinking! My only defense is that I started this project so long ago I didn’t the experience I have now :-).

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  4. Both look good, I like the idea of this pattern but have never taken the plunge, maybe it’s the flare like you? It’s funny how the choice of fabric can make or break a make.

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    1. Yes. The thing is that normally when I make something I am used to LOVING it but with this its just meh…..I am hoping putting it away for a year and seeing what happens will help me be more in love with it 🙂 O


  5. Both of the blouses are so cute but I like the lilac one the best, too. Thanks for the pattern reference,too, I had missed that one. Good luck with getting rights to the PC

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  6. I think it’s a good idea to put it away for next year; I often rediscover garments in my wardrobe that have fallen out of favour previously! IMHO, both look great on you, but I adore the lilac blouse. The colour is fantastic!

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    1. Thank you! I agree with what you say – there are things that I have rediscovered and thought Wow! How did I not like this before – thankfully I am not one to throw out clothes unless they are unwearable 🙂


    1. Thanks Linda. Yes they tend to be wider at the hip as they are drafted specifically for a pear shape. The flare didnt stick out so much when the fabric is drapier. I have decided to pare down the flare and see how that goes.

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