Small luxuries

Life is about the small stuff right?  Favourite little extravagances to relish in. Everyone has something they see a small luxury in an otherwise plain ole life. I think that one should indulge in little luxuries whenever one can because if one is going to be working hard for one’s money, one should be able to treat oneself every once in a while. For some its a glass of fine wine, a Starbucks mocha latte, an expensive lipstick , designer handbags, manicures/pedicures. Life’s little luxuries are what keep many of us refreshed and relaxed when the stressors of work and home leave us frazzled.

I got to thinking about my little luxuries. Whats mine? It used to be the copious amounts of cheap candy and chocolate that I’d stash around the house in little nooks. Now that’s gone.  I dont smoke nor drink alcohol. I dropped coffee and tea when I started my baby making marathon 6 years ago and never went back to the stuff. I havent bought new clothes in decades (hate shopping). Car boot sales and charity shops have always been my preferred hunting grounds. Same goes for shoes. I love them but I only ever buy when massively discounted on sale but its mostly second hand on Ebay or car boot.

I don’t do manicures because I like my nails trimmed very very short and low maintenance. I do my own hair – no time for saloons – in fact I cant even remember when was the last time…16 years ago maybe.. I stopped wearing make up about 7 years ago and my skin has been the better for it. I use Dove soap and Aveeno cream on my face morn and night. I don’t wear perfume either – I went off it during my first pregnancy and never got into it again. Without the sugar,  I no longer have a small luxury. I need one. What’s your small luxury?

Peace & love,




31 thoughts on “Small luxuries

  1. I hear what you are saying! I think I live quite frugally too and I’m now a bit of nightmare when it comes to birthday and xmas presents. I find my greatest luxury is actually half an hour uninterrupted to myself…..sheer joy, but rather rare.

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  2. Ah, Dove and Aveeno with feverfew. Prescribed by my dermatologist actually, and I love them! I got myself off peanut M & M”s around the holidays. I found 2 packages last week, and ate them. Sick as a dog! Onward to guilty pleasures… I had my first pedicure in Florida with my girlfriend. Pure heaven! And it lasted 6 weeks!

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  3. I love this little blog community to remind me I am not alone in my thoughts! I don’t smoke, drink much alcohol, eat sugar and I hate shopping for the sheer over priced cost of everything(and the constant thought that I could make that myself). It was my birthday the other week and all I could suggest for gifts was money to buy fabric, an overlocker course and books!

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  4. Time! Time to sew is a luxury for me. Mostly because of The Incredible Non Sleeping Toddler. But also having the time to go to a lovely coffee shop to drink a massive coffee, eat some cake that someone else has made and read a book. Heaven.

    I also love painting my nails lurid colours. I have horrible nails so keep them cut short and I like the bright BarryM Gelly polish on them. It’s something like £4 a pot and they last a long time and it makes me feel glamorous, even if I’ve got some bright colour on my nails,

    Oh! And stationery. That’s more of s guilty pleasure/secret hoarding thing than a luxury though. But buying nice pens on my birthday is a lovely little luxury.

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  5. I don’t have many things I really lust after but I’m afraid I do love one hideously expensive perfume which I justify because a bottle lasts about 18 months and makes me ridiculously happy (and lots of people have commented on it when I’m wearing it!). I can only buy it at Liberty in London and I dread the day that they stop stocking it.

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    1. My mum also had one hideously expensive perfume when I was a child. I think her first bottle she stretched it to something like 5 years. I used to love looking at her perfume bottle collections though I wasnt allowed perfume until I had finished my A levels !

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  6. This really made me think, I do like tea but have tried cutting down, I think my luxury is time to sew (alone preferably) and buying fabrics which make me so happy

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    1. Buying fabrics is fun and I love it. But the guilt that comes with the size of my stash almost always has me suffering from buyers remorse…which is why I didnt count it as a small luxury for me. I am currently on a fabric fast until I can reduce my stash:-(. I look forward to a time when I can be time rich – right now with the little kids I steal time here and there 🙂


  7. I use dove too, and double base cream – everywhere, my face included. I stopped wasting my money on the expensive stuff a few years ago and my skins better for it too. I do wear make up though, especially when I’m working nights, otherwise I’ll be scaring old ladies at 4am when I’m way past my best!! My indulgence is a big one really. Golf. It costs about £20 a week but has kept me sane over the years, and fit too. I think sewing is slowly taking over my time though, and the gym classes. I do have a lot of me town with working shifts and H being older but somehow never get to the bottom of the ironing basket, life’s too short! 😀

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    1. Its great that you have golf and I do envy you tbh. I know right now I am time poor and cant join a team sport but I look forward to it when my kids are older. I’d love to play hockey like I did in school. I used to buy very expensive skin care products until I learned that drinking loads of water dealt with about 80% of my skin troubles. Ah I do like getting older for the wisdom 🙂 PS I dont iron 80% of our stuff 🙂

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      1. I used to play hockey too! When I joined the ambulance service and started working shifts I either could make training or the match but never both, but with golf I can play on my own or join in matches and comps so it works really well.

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      2. Hockey is the sport of champions IMO! Watching the Olympics hockey games I am always sooo inspired. What position did you play? I was centre forward and quite an aggressive player – gah I miss sport so much!

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  8. Hila: Luxury can be expressed spiritually and mentally, not just materially. My luxuries are spare time, quiet time, solitary hours, time to dream, time to plan, time out and time apart. That space and time apart help me rejoin life and enjoy the challenges each day.I don’t get them all the time because there’s so much I HAVE to do that when I get a chance to do what I WANT to do that is a luxury. But the price is that to obtain that time I pay the price of foregoing certain activities like socializing. Since the need to renew is more important at times I choose the rest and relaxation. I find any kind of luxury requires a payment of some kind.

    We can get trapped into a vicious cycle of craving so-called luxuries that others tell us are luxuries. Then the drive for them controls us. You have achieved something very significant by overcoming the sugar and caffeine cravings. You go! I respect you for knowing your own mind and not having others define what your luxuries should be..

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      1. Good for you. Many blessings. May your mind become as clear and shining as a mirror. All the better to bring forth the light only you can bring to the world. We all have a different light to shine so keep going.


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