Burda 07/2016 #119 Linen Midi Dress

Hello chums,

I made a dress from the Burdastyle June 2016 issue. The simple lines of the dress drew me plus I quite like how the neckline is structured. Here is the picture from the magazine:119-072016-2-b_large

For fabric I went with olive green linen fabric. The linen has just the right body to hold the bias cut pieces. Its a fabric hog because all the pattern pieces are cut on the bias. including the long neck ties.

A note on the cutting out instructions in the magazine….I was very annoyed because the instructions have you cut 2 of the back pieces. Turns out you only need the 1. I am certain that’s a typo. So if you are planing on making this please please remember you only need 1 back piece.

The instructions were unfathomable beyond the first 2 steps. At least Burda is consistent in that regards. However I do not mind – I rather found myself relishing the challenge – it took me back to my A Levels years when I would spend hours working on a complex calculus problem :-). I fared better in my A level days. Burda instructions are a whole other level. In the end I did what any self respecting seamster would do : I just pinned it all out first then I winged it.Blog pictures annad dresses etc 376Burda midi dressMidi dressBlog pictures annad dresses etc 377Blog pictures annad dresses etc 365Blog pictures annad dresses etc 379Blog pictures annad dresses etc 371

As you can see that back is mighty low and without the right support, things could slip but somewhere in the instructions it mentions elastic on the back. There are specific measurements for the elastic but I found it too slack and I had to shorten in by 2″for a snugger fit. I also took in the side seams by 3/4″ each side. Again this is because its all cut on the bias. The fit was fine by the time I finished.

I finished all the seams on the overlocker because I was fitting as I went. With the next one I’d like to use french seams. Once I discarded the Burda instructions – its actually a really quick make since there are no closures.

Quite like it and wore it to London where I got heaps of compliments. I was worried that the tie neck might be uncomfortable but it wasnt at all even after wearing it all day like I did. Because its all cut on the bias , the weave loosened out as the day went by ย it does drag lower in the back as the day goes on. It could do with taking it in another 1/2″ pinched on each side.

2016-08-14 09.59.39
In London..

I’d like at leastย one more, possibly in a dark navy linen…..

Here is a little video I made for my OOTD on Instagram. Just click play – I only just realised you can hear my kids yelling in the background ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs,

Peace and love,





33 thoughts on “Burda 07/2016 #119 Linen Midi Dress

  1. this issue has some fantastic patterns that I love and want to make and yes Burda instructions if there were not other patterns in the world could make a new seamstress to never want to sew again in her life! I love how this turned out!

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    1. This was my favourite issue this year too. I want to make almost everything in it and have traced almost 6 patterns already from it which is the most I have traced from just 1 issue alone.x


  2. Lovely dress. It looks so fresh and summery. Good ol’ Burda – consistently bad at instructions. Every time I do a Burda make I do a search to see if a blogger has made something with the pattern – usually helps. Hurrah for us bloggers!

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      1. Yeah it is but the locals learn to avoid it – it only when you are new and you get caught in it first couple of times – after that we tend to use alternate routes when we can. Its quite fun seeing the fans – we can tell whether its a rugby or cricket match by the fans outfits ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks Tracy! I am glad you like the pictures. I find with Burda that I make more decisions based on the line drawings or after seeing another blogger having made it. Unfortunately sometimes Burda doesnt showcase their patterns well enough – which is a shame because they do really great designs.


  3. It’s beautiful!! I love the neckline and have added this one to my “To Buy” list, since it’s online as a PDF as well. It looks stunning on you (what doesn’t?!?), and thanks for the tip on the cutting instructions–super helpful!


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