Summer McCalls M6044 3.0

Hello chums,

I cant believe that this is the 3rd shirt I have made for Mr SNS. The first was in Alexander Henry cotton <link here> and the second was in Cotton & Steel Octopus fabric <link here>. This one is a lightweight, but crisp, 100% cotton that he bought himself during a lunch break. Well he actually had to go to the shop to pick up some fabric for the kids shirts when he spotted this.It has a tile medallion effect in aqua blue tones. I was quite impressed that he managed to estimate the right amount o fabric  (just barely).

I do love shirtmaking – there is something about it that gives me an immense sense of satisfaction. I flat felled (love  this technique) all the seams so its looks very neat on the inside too. Pictures…

Holly burns Annas Blog pics 568
McCalls M6044
Holly burns Annas Blog pics 572
I didnt quite nail the button placement here.
Holly burns Annas Blog pics 573
The yoke is hard to see but its there
Holly burns Annas Blog pics 576
Contrast inner cuffs
m6044 1
Contrast button band and undercollar
McCalls M6044
Flat felled armhole sean
Holly burns Annas Blog pics 562
McCalls M6044

This pattern has now earned its place in my TNT Hall of Fame.

Mr SNS as usual loves it – only 2 more shirts to go and he will be able to wear me made shirts Mon – Fri…can I achieve that goal before 2017? Only time will tell.

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you. Have a great weekend 🙂

Peace & love




30 thoughts on “Summer McCalls M6044 3.0

  1. What a dapper hubby! Gorgeous felling, lovely contrasts. What’s wrong with the buttons? I can’t say I’m wild about making shirts, but the missus absolutely adores her collection, so it pays off doesn’t it?

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      1. I usually use the funkier Liberty prints for his shirts but haven’t seen any good ones lately. He’s very particular about his shirts but quite adventurous too. No novelty prints tho. Hard to please – I should know though!


    1. Well a mens shirt is just like sewing a shirt for yourself but it even more fun because they dont have boobies so there arent many fitting issues really 🙂 Go on – you will love it. X


      1. But you can get them at any stockist here! You have to wait just a short while until the new collections arrive, but that’s all. And some of them ARE PDFs if you hunt…My favourite McCall’s shirt pattern is

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    1. Thanks Cinderellis. Well this particular shirt has the armholes constructed in the flat instead of a tube so you can easliy flat fell the armhole. The trickier one is flat felling the underarm and side seam in one pass. But with basting its very manageable.


  2. I love the shirt! I love that your husband chose the fabric himself. My husband has absolutely no interest in clothes and if I made him something, he would probably wear it to pour concrete or paint or change the oil in the car. I have shown him the photos of your hubby in hopes that it will rub off on him.

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