John Kaldor M6696 Uber Shirt Dress

Hello everyone,

I made another shirt dress using the very awesome McCalls M6696 shirt dress pattern. I made my first one here in a gingham cotton lawn . Though my pattern matching was dubious – Its a solid addition to my wardrobe that I love.

mccall's m6696 1

The story of this dress starts with the fabric. I first laid eyes upon this luscious John Kaldor on Ali’s IG feed. I saw. I wanted. I bought. All within the space of about an hour. I initially wanted to make some cigarette pants out of it but when it arrived, the fabric had other ideas.

It Screamed SHIRTDRESS!!!

I heeded the call. and voila! I present to you my UBER dress!

McCalls M6696
McCalls M6696
McCalls M6696
McCalls M6696
McCalls M6696
McCalls M6696
McCalls M6696
McCalls M6696
McCalls M6696
McCalls M6696
McCalls M6696

I feel uberfeminine, uberlovely and ubersplendid.

Construction deets : Since I had perfected the fit already there were no alterations with this. I made self covered buttons using the thingy majicky – it takes me less than a couple of hours to do. I did a lot of hand basting with this to make sure the pleats were hanging just right. All the work was worth it though. The pocket lining is in a pink cotton. The armhole I finished with green satin bias binding.

I love this. Its a most uber dress yes?

Thanks ever so much for stopping my little corner of the intewebs.

Peace and love,




51 thoughts on “John Kaldor M6696 Uber Shirt Dress

  1. Yes, you have yourself an “uber dress shirt!” It’s lovely on you and the construction is excellent. I know you’ll enjoy many fanciful and joyful moments wearing the dress.

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    1. Thanks Cynthia! Its one of those dresses that comes with rose tinted glasses and when I wear it everything suddenly looks beautiful and lovely 🙂


  2. This dress is very pretty. I can see why you just had to have that fabric. You should post this on Allie J’s social sew for the month of September. The theme is “Tried and True” and I think your dress fits that requirement.

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  3. Floral fabulousness! Perfect for the last of the Summer days. I was just looking at Tilly’s new shirtdress pattern which isn’t as swirly as your one. I was even thinking of being totally lazy and buying her online workshop to make it as it has features I don’t like doing/am not used to/can’t usually be bothered with. I fancy a bit of hand holding.

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    1. I was very tempted by that new Tilly shirtdress too but I have so many shirtdress patterns to get to that in the end logic won out. I think it will be fab. x


    1. Thanks Emy. Its so funny how I now love bright pinks since I started sewing my own clothes – before I used to steer clear of pinks – cant even remember why I made up that ‘rule’ for myself. Thats the beauty of making your own clothes.


  4. Hila, I think this is one of the best blog posts I’ve ever read! The dress is great of course, and you look so happy and beautiful in these pictures it really brought a smile to my face!


  5. Lovely dress! Just found your blog and am enjoying reading. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I must put this pattern on my wish list now.

    (on top of all your sewing projects, i’m quite smitten with all of your shoes. Please share info on your sandal shoes pictured above! I love, love them!!)

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