I am excited about…


I wanted to fire off a quick post sharing how excited I am today because this evening I am attending my first class on Intermediate Pattern Drafting! Yay! I hardly got any sleep last night thinking about what it will be like.

The class will run for 10 weeks and each lesson is about 2 hours long. I have got all my supplies ready packed. Its something I have wanted to do for while now. I am self taught through books and Craftsy but I wanted the experience of being in a class. Being a student was something I excelled at back in the day :-).

Thanks for listening – now I will try and get on the day without being too overexcited <fingers crossed>.




34 thoughts on “I am excited about…

      1. I was quite lucky to have this one available – there was only one place by the time I registered Phew! I have looked at some courses offered in larger cities that are run on weekends and I have seriously considered making a commitment to traveling on a Saturday for 5-6 weeks to classes…..its a shame there isnt more available outside of the larger cities.


  1. So exciting!! You will have a fab time and learn so much (I am very jealous though, there’s nothing like that near me) look forward to you sharing your wisdom and your experience, it might push me to look in to it further.

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    1. The first lesson was mostly covering health and safety issues and we had to signed off on showing that we had learnt to use the industrial machines properly. They are completely nothing like home sewing machines! Will do a post later on this week about the first lesson. x

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      1. I am not so sure about that – I really struggled with the industrial sewing machine – those things are so F@~?ing powerful. I am hoping I will be better at designing and making my own original designs but the sewing……I walked away from the class thinking I might ask if I can bring my home sewing machine and use it there instead. But the lecturer assures me that I will get it with time. Will see how I get on tomorrow….

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