Another Denim Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt

Hello chums,

I have only gone and made another of my favourite skirt sewing pattern. Since giving away my denim Holyburn back in April (it was a bit big ), I needed another one.

A true TNT pattern it took me just under 4 hours to make from start to finish including cutting.I normally expect a Holyburn to take me less than 3 hours but the addition of an exposed zipper complicated things somewhat.

Alterations to pattern: changed from straight waistband to a contoured waistband using tutorial from A Fashionable Stitch (I did this alteration on my third Holyburn and haven’t looked back since).

Construction Notes:

Medium weight indigo denim fabric.  I used a hammer a few times to flatten seams. The waistband lining is Cupro left over from my tailored jacket V8601. I used grey bias binding on the hem. Old shirt for pockets.  An exposed zip using Lladybird’s tutorial. I wasn’t planning on an exposed zip but when Lauren posted her tutorial it bolstered my confidence to give it a go.

I should also mention that I started this skirt for the OutfitAlong OAL2016  challenge of which the counterpart is a Chuck sweater that I started knitting and still haven’t finished….yet. Anyhow pictures 🙂

Sewaholic Holyburn Skirt
Sewaholic Holyburn Skirt
Sewaholic Holyburn Skirt
Pocket lining
Obligatory twirl shot. Sewaholic Holyburn Skirt
Bias binding on hem
Sewaholic Holyburn Skirt
Sewaholic Holyburn Skirt
Sewaholic Holyburn Skirt
Sewaholic Holyburn Skirt
Exposed zip
Insides back
insides front
Sewaholic Holyburn Skirt

I love this skirt! I am so grateful to the friend who insisted on wanting the old Holyburn. If she had never asked (and persisted), I would not have had the chance to make a much better fitting and better sewn skirt. This giving away my me mades malarkey may yet have some benefits 🙂

 Thanks for stopping by. I guess the denim skirt can count as the beginning of autumn sewing? 🙂

Have you started on your autumn sewing yet ? I will be back soon with my autumn mood board.

Peace and love,





38 thoughts on “Another Denim Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt

  1. Very cute – and very tidy inside and out! Showing the inside of your me made is a bit like showing someone your undies drawer – BRAVE! But clearly in this case, totally worth it. Contoured waist bands seem to be popping up more and more don’t they?! My last two waisted makes have had contoured waistbands and I think it’s something I’m going to start including as a standard hack too.

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    1. Thanks Naomi! I think that a contoured waist looks better if you have a shaped waist. They are certainly more comfortable and so easy to hack from the straight waistband.

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  2. Your skirt is fabulous! Love the obligatory twirl pose and the lovely exposed zipper. I can’t get enough of denim and your skirt makes me want to sew, sew….sew! Nice and neat insides too……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Elle! I love your denim makes too – I still need to make a denim shirtdress ever since the one you made some months ago – I do wish there were more hours in a day to sew 🙂

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  3. This must be a really useful and versatile skirt. I love that you are able to show us ‘your insides’ 😉
    I haven’t started on anything autumnal quite yet but only because I’m waiting for a pattern to arrive.

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    1. Oh a new pattern! I love that sense of anticipation when waiting for new pattern to come in the post – the frisson of excitement when somethings comes through the letterbox . As you can see I havent got a new pattern in a long time. Getting my fix through you now :-).

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  4. Just sewing a denim dress but fairly lightweight fabric so no hammer required so far! The zip has gone in beautifully, I must check out that tutorial. My first attempt was not pretty so I’ve never tried again! I love bias finished hems, they looks so neat.

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    1. I am converted to bias finished hems now. They seem to be worth the extra time they take. Definitely go for it again with the exposed zip. I though Lladybird’s tutorial was very clear and thorough.

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    1. Yes I am :-). The thing about this pattern is I know how to make it so well I can really focus on making beautiful insides, my energy (and patience) is not used up with fitting or figuring out construction. Thats the beauty of a TNT pattern 🙂

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    1. Of course you can Ali! 🙂 Although I suspect you have trimmed down to my size now. I am yet to find a top that doesnt look good with this denim skirt – I cant decide whether its the shape of the skirt or the fabric – so I am going to make a pencil skirt in the same fabric and see how that gets on 🙂

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