New Look 6423 Girls Jersey Dresses

Hello chums,

Allow me to present more of these gorgeous little girls dresses made in delicious cotton jersey using New Look 6423.

I cut a size 3 yrs as before and they are now a perfect size for them

New Look 6423
New Look 6423
New Look 6423
New Look 6423
New Look 6423
New Look 6423

My foldover elastic game was much improved. I stretched lightly as I sewed it one and the neck gaping was eliminated.

The fabric was another purchase from B&M Fabrics at Leeds Market – a great quality cotton jersey that only cost £6/meter and washes really well.

I cut one of the fronts on the wrong direction but its not too noticeable (Although my hubs was on the receiving end of furious glare when he pointed out the obvious ). I also had to cut a back piece as 2 halves on the cross grain. The effect is the foxes look like they are head butting each other.

Hems were finished with a simple zigzag stitch. For the sleeve hem I decided to use the foldover elastic and it makes a nice finish.

The leggings they are wearing  are made using a pattern from Ottobre Kids magazine Autumn 2014. I have used that leggings pattern so many times I have lost count now. Its quick and fast – a really great scrap buster too. The red ponte was left over from my red Morris blazer.

I am very pleased with how these turned out. My little people are very happy and that works for me. I put up a review on my Youtube channel if you would like to take a closer look at foldover elastic.

 Thanks for stopping by! Until next time Happy Sewing all :-0

Peace and love,



13 thoughts on “New Look 6423 Girls Jersey Dresses

  1. Adorable girls and sweet little dresses! I love being able to use scrap fabric from previous projects for clothes for the littles. I recently cut some Batman fabric upside down for my son’s pajamas. My son said ‘It’s ok mommy, I can see Batman better when I sit down!’


  2. adorable….keep up with the inspiration….as soon as allotment season is over I’ll be sitting at the machine…xxxx


  3. Well, the girls aren’t going to give a hoot whether the foxes are the right way up or not – in fact, when she’s looking down on it, it IS the right way up!


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