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Remember in my last Ramblings post I  mentioned our first camping trip?  Well …it rained and rained, and then some more rain even when we were packing up the tent. Everything got wet. Basically the entire 3 days we were there, it RAINED!  Not giving up though – I cant imagine it could possibly get any worse than that. The only way must be up surely.

I bought 2 sewing books while in the tent at night struggling to sleep in cramped quarters. Boundless Style and Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book. Looking through the books was fun the first time but I quickly realised it was unlikely I will be making anything from these books. I think buying them was a reaction to my dropping sugar on top of being stuck in a tent with 5 excitable kids.

Speaking of sugar -its been well over a month of being sugar free now and I can honestly say that I am past the cravings. I do not crave it anymore. I can walk past the candy aisle in the supermarket and not be tempted. I am now moving to the  next stage which is swapping over my simple carbs for complex ones. Apparently our bodies treat refined flour like sugar so that means I am swapping to whole grain pasta and whole grain rice for now. I bought some quinoa and hated it. Brown rice was not too bad but too chewy – unsurprisingly the kids dont like either of those so I have to cook a separate portion for myself.

Knitting – why am I so bad at finishing knitting projects. I have 5 in the process. A Marion cardigan (needs blocking) , a Miette that was finished well over a year ago but is yet to be blocked. A green Antler cardigan for my third child. An Owls sweater for me. A purple chuck sweater…………..I wallowed. I threw myself a pity party – but I didn’t let the self pity settle for long (thankfully) and got tough with myself!  So I set myself an ACTION challenge in which I just have to take any action with the knitting. The deadline being a blog post in first week of November. Don’t judge me – sometimes I need hard deadlines to push me :-). Knitting means a lot of TV shows in the background.

I have been watching an Amazon Prime original series called The Collection which is set in Paris fashion house just after the end of WW2. I was quite looking forward to it but have found it to be quite slow and indulgent. Perhaps I was expecting too much actual atelier insight – a true glimpse into the workings of a haute couture house. Alas it has disappointed me so far. I am still watching it in the background as I knit at the end of the day in bed just to see exactly what all this meandering has been about. Have you seen this too? Another show I have been watching and loving is Parks and Recreation. Been doing a lot of knitting to this and even got hubs hooked on it too.

The Knitting and Stitching show is upon us Northerners in Harrogate. I had promised myself last year that I would go but unfortunately due to my excess fabric and yarn stash – I have wisely deferred to next year. I now have a hard target to reduce my respective stashes so I can go next year.

I will be joining in on Sew Up North – a sojourn arranged by Redsews on 5th November. For more information click here – it is going to be an awesome day out. I will not be buying fabric though. If you are in the area why  not drop by?

The Great British Bake Off – I had a funny conversation with my twins in the sewing cave. I snuck off to the cave while the whole family was catching up with GBBO. Less than 10 mins of blessed solitude later my twinks made their way up the attic stairs. They proceeded to upend my threads, pins and pattern weights to play with…..

Mom: GBBO is on downstairs…..


Mom: Why dont you go watch it downstairs?

Twins: No. We are girls.

I dont quite know what to make of that statement but the tone and finality of the stated fact immediately reduced me to acceptance of their presence in the cave. An hour later, satisfied with making 2 more Renfrew tops – my twins satisfied with building ‘Pin and Thread Town’, we left the cave. And that was that.

Oh and I usually like GBBO but I have been a tad annoyed with some of their challenges this year – they lost me at lace pancakes!!!! Imean WTF!! Who would seriously want to make lace pancakes? I love baking but that episode just felt silly to me. <maybe in time I will get over it and watch it before the season finishes>…..only time will tell.

I also caught Episode 2 of ‘The Apprentice’ on Iplayer last night and am glad that they finally stopped the pretense of being a show about real business. The contestants, as far I can tell (from the one episode), are crackers and will provide Big Brother style reality TV material. Nothing like how real businesses operate at all!

The sewjo goddesses are smiling upon me – I have never felt so motivated to sew and am whipping up so many items. I cant wait to do a photo shoot for the the autumn stuff I have made so far and share :-). How is your autumn sewing coming along?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope wherever you are in the world you are having/had a lovely day.

Peace and love,






38 thoughts on “Ramblings etc..

  1. It’s funny because I’ve just got ‘Boundless Style’ recently. I’m not really a dress person but I’m tempted to put all the bodices, sleeves, skirts, etc. into a hat and let my children pick them out. Whatever it is I’ll sew it! I’ve also decided that I’m going to forgo the Knitting and Stitching Show this year (I’ve been for the last three years) and go to Sew Up North instead, which will be more fun and more affordable. Unlike you, I have a big shopping list but I don’t get to go fabric shopping that often. See you in a few weeks!

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    1. Thats a great idea with the random selection for the Boundless style make. I might copy that. I have this idea that I can be fabric whisperer on Saturday – helping others with looking for fabric and carrying bags😄.

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  2. Loved your ramblings, they were a bit like Sunday’s sevens but in text instead. Looking forward to catching up with some of the Spoolettes in Leeds, I’m not buying any fabric either, well not really. Love your new name – the fabric whisperer 😀

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  3. I won’t judge you! I know exactly what you mean. I’m somewhat like that too. I’d like to go to Leeds to catch up with you all; I’ve just contacted Becca. Fabric is not high on my list or, as Ali says, well not really! I have Amazon Prime but haven’t watched anything. I guess I’m missing out. Pity about The Collection. That would have appealed. See you on the 5th.

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    1. It would be lovely to see you in Leeds! Oh gosh there is a lot of great stuff on Amazon Prime which is all free to watch. The best part is no adverts 🙂


  4. I don’t know what you mean! I often whip up a batch of lacy pancakes and then throw them at the contestants in The Apprentice which, after the first episode this series, refuse to watch ever again – my t.v. screen is covered in sticky stuff now anyway 😉
    I’m so sorry your camping trip was a bit of a washout but you can’t say I didn’t warn you. And, trust me, it can get worse, a lot worse 😦 Still, you have to give it another couple of attempts – even I didn’t give up at the very first hurdle.

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  5. Very entertaining ramblings and I can empathise completely about the soggy camping experience. I, too, get sucked in by the glossy publishing in sewing books and have more than a few on the shelves that will never produce anything. Lace pancakes? WTF indeed!

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  6. Oh goodness, don’t get me started about wet camping holidays. My friend says if she can’t plug your hairdryer in she isn’t staying there, and it’s my motto now too . And thanks so much for sharing the meet-up details. I think I’m in! Not for the fabric shopping though, like most of you, but I could be tempted, of course. It looks fab.

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  7. Enjoy your ramblings, Hila, so keep rambling as it suits. (Don’t suppose your girls put all their spools back? Ah, well…) 2 (TWO!) Renfrews! Clearly they didn’t hold you up! Agree about camping, though… “if you can’t plug in a hair dryer” – that’s a good ‘un!

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    1. Lols! They do offer to put the spools back but after the few times I let them I quickly realised that it far better for me to do it :-). The odd thing about the camping is that the kids absolutely loved it and cant wait to go again. They are my biggest weakness and it looks like I have to find a way to be good with camping 🙂

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      1. Oh, dear! Hadn’t thought about what additional chaos might occur! 😲
        Am certain you’ll be earning huge returns as you stick with the camping. (I’d be giving meself an extra luxury after each trip, too. Just suggesting! 😉)

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    1. Yes baking makes it challenging, I am not sure I could have managed a detox during the winter Christmas-y season – its definitely not the time to think about it 🙂

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  8. Totally agree re the collection, gbbo, and apprentice! I am also on a self imposed fabric embargo until I reduce my stash – it’s sooooooo hard with so many lovely fabrics popping up on instargram!

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    1. I know! I have used my sugar detox to help me stay strong – I keep repeating that if I can beat sugar I can resist this! It doesnt always work but it helps 🙂


    1. Thanks! Btw you won the pattern drafting book from my giveaway. Please send me your postal address via my contact me link on the blog so I can ship it out to you. Hila. X


  9. Bummer about the camping trip! Hopefully next time will be better. Congrats on making it through the sugar cravings–that is definitely an accomplishment! And big fan of Parks & Rec here. One of my all time favorites.

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    1. My hubs alos got hooked after catching the ‘Treat Yoself’ episode and now whenever I am discussing any potential purchase he just says “Treat yo’self!” using his best native New Yorker accent! I am not sure whether I should be worried…..I do love that show – was so sad to watch the final Season – wished I had paced myself a bit more.


  10. I like these ramblings posts for a slice of Hila’s everyday life. I have taken up knitting recently and love that it can be mixed with TV. Just watching Homeland latest issues. Really enjoyed Narcos too. The Fall is tedious and more like Emergency Ward 10 (you won’t remember). I agree camping can be fun, but rain is inevitable for any outdoors activity in the UK I guess. In terms of brown rice etc, I have found the kids will eat it if there is no alternative. It is easier with a sauce… Also maybe slightly overcook the quinoa and brown rice so it is really soft?


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