Good things come in threes: A trio of Anna Dresses By Hand London Pt 2

Hello again,

As promised I am back with the second of three By Hand London Anna dresses that I made over the summer. I posted my first one here <link here>.

I bought the fabric from Leeds Market about a year ago- so it was a stasher (term I use for long term stash residents) for a long while. I am certain that it was happy to get out. I had brought it out to make a Burdastyle dress but seeing it again with the Anna dress pattern out – it suddenly became an Anna. I had just enough to make this dress. Lucky for me the print inst directional so I could lay skirt panels next to each other. The fabric also has some stretch to it on the cross grain which allows for a nice comfortable fit. ย Like the first Anna dress I finished the split and hem by hand. It was a pleasure to hand sew those finishing details.

The V neckline is possibly my favourite feature of this dress. However all did not go well in sewing it. ย Despite trying my best to stay the neckline using some stay tape – there is some gaping on one side. What’s annoying is I cant figure out where I went wrong because the other side sits perfectly flat…if anyone has any ideas please let me know. I tried loads of steam and clapper action to get it flat but I may have made it worse. Still – its a lovely dress and I will wear it regardless :-).

I love the blue of this dress so much. I even wore it to a wedding with my Morris blazer. My mother in law is not one to be easily impressed but for the first time she was bowled over when I told her I had made it (she was kindly babysitting for us so we could go to the wedding). That was a cherry on top for me. She doesn’t hand out compliments willy nilly :-). Pictures!

BHL Anna Dress
BHL Anna Dress
BHL Anna Dress
BHL Anna Dress – that pesky gapey neckline
BHL Anna Dress
BHL Anna Dress
BHL Anna Dress Waistline detail
BHL Anna Dress Back view
BHL Anna Dress
Such a lovely neckline shape – one of my fave features of this dress
BHL Anna Dress
BHL Anna Dress
See how one side is fine and flat while the other has a wobble
Close up of the wobble
BHL Anna Dress with my mustard Morris blazer
BHL Anna + Morris Blazer
Yep! I like this dress ๐Ÿ™‚

And here is a clip of it in motion…

As always thanks for stopping by! I will b e back this time tomorrow with final one that my little sister adopted ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace and love,




27 thoughts on “Good things come in threes: A trio of Anna Dresses By Hand London Pt 2

  1. Lovely work! Such a beautiful dress and it fits like a dream!
    I would hazard a guess that your issue with the V neck is that the side of the neck where the gaping is stretched during the sewing process. Does the pattern call for staystitching? I find sometimes that modern patterns overlook these very important details. Otherwise, I’m stumped.
    Good news is, only you will notice it and it still looks better than any other RTW dress you could ever own.

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  2. Really cute, and that fabric is perfect, especially with your gold jacket.The gaping neckline on one side is a problem I had with a v-neck awhile back. I couldn’t figure it out either! So frustrating….but your dress is lovely, glad you’re wearing it anyway!

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  3. As Naomi said above, I can only think you might not have stay stitched the neck but if you did, and I’m pretty sure you would have, I’ve no other ideas.
    I love your little moving clip but the music sounds like something from The X Files – you need something more upbeat to go with your happy face.
    I love the fabric you used here and it goes so well with the jacket – I bet there was nobody else at the wedding in the same outfit ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. I thought I stay stiched the neck but its possible I missed it given how excited I was about the whole project. Lols to the music you are totally right. Did you know the X Files is coming back with the 2 original starts picking up 20 years from where they left off?

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  4. Another lovely dress Hila & I love that fabric, especially the colour, do you know what it is – cotton or viscose maybe?
    Your gape is either to do with staystitching, or lack of as Naomi says and the fabric has stretched slightly with handling and sewing, or your fabric may have shifted slightly when cutting it out & you have inadvertently cut it slightly wrong. It can happen with ‘shifty’fabric that moves about when cutting. Anyhow, only you (& us now) know about it. We sewers see far too close up sometimes and non-sewers are oblivious!

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    1. Thanks Sam! I have tried to recall whether I did staystitch or skipped it in the haze of excitement I was feeling for the project so its possible I didnt do that side….I agree that we seamsters are our own worst critics!


  5. Beautiful Hila – bravo! It’s all about the fabric for the Anna and you’ve made some great choices, but then I would say that wouldn’t I ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think everyone’s covered what might have happened with the neckline, so it only leaves me to put in a random reason, that your shoulders might not be quite symmetrical, which, with a v neck, might show more. Probably not, I know, but I thought I’d mention it, especially as I have one shoulder slighter lower than the other due to being a paper girl/carrying heavy bags and children over the years.

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    1. Thanks Karen. I think its possible I have asymmetry in the shoulders too. My hips are very asymmetric with one side being about an inche wider than the other.


    1. OMG you get it too !!! I made mine in a couple of days too – and I wanted to make another but I didnt want to suffer from Anna burnout :-). Thanks for link I will check it out before cutting into my winter Anna fabric.


  6. I have been wanting to make an Anna dress for so long! I am put off by the pdf pattern though… Ugh, it’s just so lovely that I might have to overcome my aversion to pdf patterns and go for it. Nice job!

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