Hello chums!

I interrupt your regular broadcasting to take a walk through the last vestiges of colour in my autumn garden. I started off just puttering around the garden then ended up spending all of Saturday working in the garden. Totally unplanned but there was something very satisfying about digging and pulling out weeds, getting sweaty and smelly finishing it off with a nice hot bath at the end of the day. The time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life rejuvenates me.  It is so rewarding to spend time in nature.  There’s nothing quite like getting so close to the earth that I can smell the fresh soil, notice the small insects and textures of the organic particles that provide plants with nutrients to grow. Its mind blowing when you actually consider how a seed turns into a plant, that in turn provides us with beautiful flowers and delicious nourishment.

A squirrel with some of our sweetcorn


I love these fushias


Another fuschia bush
I think these are wild geranium


I dont know the name of this bush but its colours are so vibrant
There were tons of ladybugs around.
Some Japanese Anemones
The last onions pulled from allotment that were curing
My blueberry bushes turning colour
Leaf fall from our conker tree
The Japanese Acer tree
The pond
Some last petunia blooms – I grew these from seed.


I have been working on a herb garden and this is what I have grown so far from seed – 2 Parsley varieties and some thyme. Chives didnt take and basil died off.
Digging out a bush. We decided to grass over this area so had to move the rose bushes and gladioli. I hadnt planned on garden work and just worked all day in my normal clothes :-). 
The eating apples
Autumn fruiting raspberries

While gardening also produces beautiful flowers, I get a such great sense of satisfaction when I grow my own vegetables. Though this year has not been good harvest wise (apart from onions and garlic) I do not measure our success by the bounty it provides but by the peace of mind and connection to earth that  can be achieved by spending just a few hours gardening.

Do you like gardening too?

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace and love,




7 thoughts on “Autumnwatch

  1. What a charming and surprising post! You have the best gardening outfit of anyone I have ever seen. My mom is an amazing gardener and I grew up gardening with her and also with my grandfather, who bought a hobby farm after her retired from his regular job (he had grown up on a farm). I have always wanted to start gardening on my own but I am usually away in the springtime and tend to find it difficult to get started later on in the season. Gardening is such a wonderful balm for the soul though so I ought to do it.

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  2. I can’t garden – it would bother my allergies and asthma way too much. But I admire the people who do, and I LOVE visiting gardens. So much color and inspiration! You have a beautiful one – and I miss the changing leaves. 🙂

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  3. I love gardening. Don’t usually bother with flowers (I’m such a philistine, I’m like “can I eat it?”) but growing fruit and veg is one of the most satisfying things in my life. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics 🙂

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