Knitweek2016 Pt 3 Antler Cardigan by Tincan Knits

Hello again,

Welcome to Part 3 of my KnitWeek2016 wherein I share my knitting adventures for the past 12 months or more. Today I am sharing this cardigan made for my middle child. He is a wee little 4 year old who just started reception. As a summer baby I was unprepared to send him off to big school but he seems to have settled in just fine. I actually started making this cardigan for him way back in April 2016 and I had finished most of it by early June. All that was left was grafting the underarm stitches, weaving in the ends, blocking and buttons. I lost steam and procrastinated while I got excited about starting on the Chuck sweater.

After getting my knitting act together it took me less that 2 hours to finish everything and setting it up for blocking. I wet blocked it but in hindsight given the yarn is 100% acrylic a steam blocking would have been sufficient and faster. As it is I had to wait 3 days before it dried and I could sew on the buttons.

I used some yarn bought from during one of their sales. Its called Red Heart Aran. To be honest I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought this particular bottle green colour. Its not something I would say is in my cannon of loved colours. Still at least the yarn is machine washable which made it a perfect candidate for kids knitting.

I bought this pattern when Tincan Knits were having a half price  sale so it was a bargain given that this pattern has kids and adult sizes. The yoke cables are what attracted me. There something about how they look as if they are getting smaller in size.

After swatching, I got the correct stitch gauge with size 5 circulars. The instructions are quite well written. My only complaint is how small the font size is. I am used to a large font size which makes it easier to mark and cross off rows etc. A minor complaint to be sure, but I do like my instructions easy to read without having to squint (one would prefer not to help the wrinkles along you see).

Antler Cardigan – Tincan Knits
Antler Cardigan – Tincan Knits
Antler Cardigan – Tincan Knits
Antler Cardigan – Tincan Knits
Antler Cardigan – Tincan Knits
Antler Cardigan -I love the yoke.

It knits up very quickly IMO. The body is knit up to underarms first. Next the sleeves are knit up before being joined to begin the yoke. The cable was quite a pleasure to knit as it repeats so after a while I had it memorised. I got carried away and made the arms slightly too long for him but he will grow into it. The yarn was ok to work with – I cant complain much. My underarm grafting on this is a bit of a dogs dinner. I started off trying to follow a tutorial but quickly got impatient and just ended up literally sewing it instead of grafting. I have learnt my lesson and improved on it with the next project that required underarm grafting.

So my little one loved it on the first day he wore it but has decided he doesn’t like it now and refuses to wear it “because it doesnt have a zip“………..mmmm……..While I appreciate his candour, I did feel like pointing out that I spent a lot of time on it. Instead I just shrugged and walked away. I think its like with food – I will have to keep offering it to him at least 20 times before I can get a result.

Anyhow I am pleased I finished it finally (in October). I like the cabling enough to want to make it again.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs. I will be back soon with another knitting project – I have been getting my knitting house in order.

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Peace and love,




19 thoughts on “Knitweek2016 Pt 3 Antler Cardigan by Tincan Knits

  1. I was expecting a pair of reindeer antlers splurged across the front of a sweater when I saw your title and thought you’d knitted an actual Christmas jumper 😉 The green is quite festive though.
    I wonder – as the adorable one started off liking his jumper – whether somebody at school said something to him about it. You know what kids can be like.
    Most people would say not to block synthetic yarns but I found an interesting blog post here about it which says you not only can but should block acrylic – she uses steam (carefully) not wet blocking which she says doesn’t work. Might be worth a read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing this link. Its certainly very useful especially for those of us who use a lot of acrylic yarns. Quite possible someone made fun of him – hopefully in time he forgets. If not , its okay there are many other kiddies who will wear it


  2. That cardigan is LOVE, and the yoke makes it really special. Good luck convincing the boy back into it! (My daughter was just like that too but don’t give up – they do sometimes change their stubborn little minds 😃)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Had to come back and congratulate you on finding that lovely pattern – it is so attractive and unusual (as far as this non-knitter knows) that it has stuck in my mind. That is such a nice colour on him too, hope he gives it a second chance!

    Liked by 1 person

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