Burda Downloadable Lydia T shirt pattern review

I made this Lydia T-shirt – it was one of the first downloadable products I ever bought. Its only 79p so it’s a good deal. I cut the size 38 which is my Burda size.

Burda Lydia #3197 T-shirt

It’s a basic, long-sleeve t-shirt. The main difference with most other t-shirts I am familiar with is the neckline construction. This one has facings – though this picture above doesn’t show the facing version – the instructions are just like for a facing you would find on a woven top. The sleeve is supposed to be set in but I prefer flat construction with jersey fabrics.

I made this out of pure curiosity to see how the neck would turn out. I used knit fusible interfacing for the facing pieces. After sewing them to the neckline I understitched.  I gotta say I am quite impressed so far. The neck line is very neat and I love that it looks good enough to wear with a smart skirt and pass for smart workwear. I will have to see how it performs after a few washes before trying out this technique again though. Have you tried finishing the neckline on a knit top with a facing?

Fabric wise- I used a John Kaldor cotton jersey that I bought from Fletcher’s Fabrics in Leeds Market. Its left over from a Moneta dress I made around the same time. It was an utter delight to work with this fabric; as is wearing it. The comfort level on this top is very high. All the hems were done with a twin needle. Shoulders were stabilised with fusible bias tape which I also used around the neckline so it wouldn’t stretch out.


Burda Lydia T Shirt
Burda Lydia T Shirt – back


Verdict: A solid t-shirt pattern that gains extra points for having a great price point.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time happy sewing !

Peace and love,



26 thoughts on “Burda Downloadable Lydia T shirt pattern review

  1. Beautiful Tee. I love seeing the items you give life. you have such a great take on patterns in you fabric selections. I am new to sewing and there is a skirt pattern I would like to download from Burda, but I don’t have a working printer right now and I was wondering if I purchased the download, would I have to print it right away or can it be saved and printed later? Thanks for your response and keep on doing what you do.

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    1. Hi Joy. Thanks for tour kind words. You dont have to print it straightaway. When you buy a downloadable Burda pattern its saved in your download library on your Burda account. Of course I also back that up by saving my pattern files on my own PC as well. You can definitely print whenever you want.


  2. I always used to face knits and have only just started using the band method. I don’t have a favourite as both can produce perfect results. Yours is great, as always, and this fabric is stunning.

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    1. Knits arent as bad as all that really. They are very forgiving when it comes to fitting unlike wovens. Go for it – this a cheap easy to begin with pattern – and also good fit based on the loads of reviews I read on Pattern Review 🙂

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  3. I’ve just made the Liesel + Co Maritime Top (well, nearly made it!) which has a facing for the neckline. I was a bit dubious but so far it looks really neat. The Maritime neckline is top-stitched down but if I was making a smarter version I might just catch it at the shoulder seams. Love your fabric!

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  4. I don’t generally like facings much but this does look very well finished and just a bit ‘smarter’ than a band. You’ll have to let us know what happens after it’s been through the wash a couple of times.

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  5. Lovely top. I made this a few years ago but found that the sizing was too big. I also did a banded neckline instead of the facing so can’t comment on that! I wore it for a while but recently donated it to a charity shop. I need some more simple tops so might try this again in a smaller size.

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