Simplicity 2451 Skirt


Following on from my previous post on the bat sleeve dress – I used the scrap fabric to make a short skirt. The fabric is a nice medium weight ponte bought from B&M Fabrics. I was tempted to use one of my self drafted knit skirts but there was a little bit more fabric to play with so I decided to try Simplicity 2451 which I bought on sale ages ago.2451

I made view D and went 2 sizes down since I was using a knit fabric. Zip was ignored altogether. An elastic waist finish makes it easy to pull on and off. It’s a very quick make. I think its meant to sit something like 3″ below the natural waist but by using an elastic its a lot more comfy for me when it sits on my natural waist.

Pictures…..I paired it with a Renfrew top that I had recently finished (post to come soon)

Simplicity 2451 Skirt View D
Simplicity 2451 Back View
Side view


I’ve grown to love this fabric!
Pocket detail (Done is better than perfect m’kay)
Elasticated waistband

I love the pockets on this skirt – they are nice and deep. It’s a lovely addition to my ever-growing handmade collection of garments! And also quite a good little stashbuster using up less than 1m of fabric. The other thing that endears this pattern to me is that it has so many variations and that means you will seeing more Simplicity 2451 skirts :-)….most likely in ponte.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time, Happy Sewing all!

Peace and love,




20 thoughts on “Simplicity 2451 Skirt

  1. Very cute! I love the knit and what a clever way to use up that extra fabric! I’m going to go down to my sewing room and see if I can do the same with a yummy ponte remnant I’ve been saving for who knows what.

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  2. Your version came out way better than the one I made a few years ago! I wouldn’t have thought a knit would work so well with this pattern, but as always, you’re a genius!

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  3. I’m surprised to see elastic with a yoke waist. Was that your addition, or did the pattern call for it? It’s a nice looking skirt, and I like yoke waists, but at the same time want the flexibility of elastic.

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    1. Thanks Tialys! The fun thing about sewing for myself is that I can and am experimenting with style and colour. I think I just have to learn nuetrals.


  4. Oh I love this pattern! I’ve made one skirt from it (which has been a massive hit) but haven’t got round to making another. Your lovely version has inspired me to make another, I may even pinch the elasticated waist idea! x

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    1. Thanks Jane. That means sos much to me because the first time I saw this skirt pattern and loved it was on your blog which I started reading way before I was blogging myself .


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