BurdaStyle Magazine:Turtleneck 09/2010 #121A

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is a super quick one to share a very simple top. I made this from an old Burda magazine that I bought on Ebay last year. Here is a picture of it

Burda 09/2010 #121A

It so happened that I was looking for a simple roll neck pattern and before I went buying or drafting a new one – I decided to browse my growing Burda Magazine collection. So glad I did that because I had never registered this pattern before. I quite like that it doesnt have a neck seam – makes for faster sewing.

I had 1m of John Kaldor Isabelle wool jersey that I bought in June. I just managed to fit this pattern and I was left with very satisfying slivers of fabric that indicate a most efficient use of the yardage! blog-pictures-coco-etc-276blog-pictures-coco-etc-277

Back view
Seamless neckline
love this roll neck
The sleeves are extra long
I love this fabric so much – I bought 2 more meter in this colour for a dress.

I love this fabric and I have bought 2 more meters of this colour to make a dress.

Construction wise it comes together very quickly. I did not make any alterations to the pattern. I didn’t finish the roll neck edge as my fabric doesn’t unravel. I set in the sleeves and though it wasn’t the best job – it doesn’t look too bad. I finished the hems with a narrow zigzag. The sleeves are meant to be longer so that they have a ruched effect – love that.

I want to make another in black and gunmetal grey. Its a great foundation piece for my wardrobe.

So this makes my 12th Burda make this year and my goal has been reached. Here’s to more Burda makes from me in 2017!

Thanks for stopping by and until next time

Happy Sewing!




22 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Magazine:Turtleneck 09/2010 #121A

  1. This is a really nice basic pattern. I am glad you made it to the 12 completed Burda designs. I have been rooting for you all along. Congrats to another year of Burda patterns.

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  2. This is one of my favorite T patterns, too. I am noticing your square shoulders, just like mine. I have to straighten/raise the shoulder seam about 3/8’s of an inch from neckline, tapering up to the armhole in order to avoid horizontal wrinkles across the “bodice” just below the drape of the Tneck. I am seeing a little of this on your photos, too. Since you plan on making more of these, I thought I should mention this to you. Lovely fabric and a great choice of color on you!

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    1. Thanks Lisa. The wool jersey doesnt itch or feel scratchy at all. In fact it feels like I am wearing pyjamas. You just have to avoid washing it in heat – I wash it on a cold water wash. Other it feels lush and thats why I have bought loads more of it in different colours :-). Happy New Year!

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  3. I haven’t worn a turtleneck since I was a kid (have a sensitive neck or something and can’t stand anything touching it…) but I love this one! Not having a neck seam really elevates the style. Great look!

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    1. Thanks Ruth. That means a lot coming from you. I love your blog and your generosity in sharing your expertise. I hope one day to become as good at sewing and wardrobe planning as you. Happy New Year. xx


  4. Hila, …..you are my soul sister across the pond! Ther first time I saw you dancing in your wears, I felt the connection. I showed the video to my husband and he said, “That is You!” I subscribed immediately!

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