Lekala 4437: A Christmas Day Dress

Season’s greetings to all. I hope you are all enjoying Christmas Day. I am thoroughly bushed and looking forward to bedtime. We have just finished bedtime for the kids and they were so tired that they fell asleep while stories were still being read – a rare occurrence.

I thought I may have time to share a quick post on my little red dress that I wore for today. Its a dress made for The Little Red Dress Challenge which was created by RunningNStyle. Basically anyone who wanted to could make a red dress for the festive season. This challenge fitted in with my plans so I took it up.

I rather ran out of time and decided to use a Lekala pattern as I know I dont need to make a toile. The pattern I chose was Lekala 4437. Here is the line drawing

Lekala 4437

I bought the fabric from B&M Fabrics during SewUpNorth. Its a stretch fabric that is just slightly lighter in weight than ponte. Its almost got the look of kids polo shirts , you know , the ones for school. Since it has stretch I omitted the zip. I sewed it all up on the overlocker except for attaching the collar facing. The collar facing is interfaced (I used normal interfacing) – though in future I will use a heavier weight interfacing  to give the collar more structure.

I wore it all day today until after our huge festive dinner where I indulged to the extent that I looked nearly 5 months pregnant :-). Constructionwise – it does have a lot of curved seams but I didnt struggle with these. Everything lined up beautifully.

Lekala 4437


I like the collar but it needs more work


Curved seams

I am keen to try this pattern again with more time to work on making the collar better and I want to make it in a woven fabric. The collar is the feature I liked the most about this dress. Its a dress that looks good on me but I know it could be much better sewn. The instructions were really quite good on this pattern as well.

Needless to say Mr SNS really likes this dress as well which is always a bonus :-)!

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs. I appreciate you. Until next time – Happy Sewing!

Peace and love,




28 thoughts on “Lekala 4437: A Christmas Day Dress

  1. Happy Christmas to you and your lovely family! Fab Christmas frock!
    I eyed this pattern up in the summer with the thought of making it as a dress for golf – we have to have a collar you see and this style would be perfect. I’m even more tempted after seeing if made up. I’ll have to pick your brains about fabric choice when i see you next 😀

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    1. This would be perfect for golf. Its got a sporty feel to it. Lekala have a sale on right now. I will be getting in touch in the next 2 weeks so we can arrange that sewing date. Happy New Year!

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  2. That is a GORGEOUS little dress! What sort of interfacing did you use? I’m currently a big fan of relatively pricey woven fusible… for tricksy collars that really need some oomph, I’m also getting very fond of removable collar wires, as used in Edwardian high collar dresses. They are very very lightweight, fine spirals that you just tuck inside, and baste in place, removing for washing so they don’t get mangled. THey are not uncomfortable at all, and do the same job as those little collar stays in fancy men’s shirts. Available from Vena Cava

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    1. I used the normal standard lightweight fusible interfacing. Thanks for the recommendations – I will be trying those out in the new year. Will let you know how I get on. Happy New Year. x

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