Lady Skater Dress No. 3

Hello everyone,

Just before Christmas last year I sewed another Lady Skater dress – and its quite possibly my favourite. I already get quite a lot of wear out of my teal scuba one (post here) and my light weight jersey one (post here).

The nice thing about a TNT, as you well know I’m sure, is that there is no added stress of fitting woes etc. This gives extra mental space to think about creative ways of making the same pattern. But first, let me talk fabric as the fabric directed the changes I made.

The fabric was described as blister ponte but I rather disagree and think it’s actually cloque fabric knitted from two colours (pink and black). It has (for want of a better word), oodles of beautiful texture that has a baroque look to it.Joe Cover CD pics 136.jpg

I made this one using leftover fabric from another dress project so the cap sleeves were a necessity. The fabric, despite being a poly mix of some sort, is rather comfortable and cozy. Much as I love the scoop neck on the Skater dress – I needed this dress to be more covered for winter – the fabric texture and thickness won’t work in spring or summer. I decided to raise the neckline and make it a slash neckline to maximise chest coverage. I tried to make a roll neck but alas there was insufficient fabric. This had to do.

I sewed it all up on my overlocker and used a zigzag stitch for the hems, sleeves and neck. I am always impressed at how quickly this dress comes together and no doubt there will be more variations in my future.

Pictures….*the skirt is slightly off grain and I am calling this a design feature people. Design feature m’kay.

Lady Skater Dress
Lady Skater Dress

With this third make, Lady Skater Dress has made it into my TNT Hall of Fame! Next up – a maxi version I think…….red and white stripes maybe……

Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time, Happy Sewing!

Paece and love,




30 thoughts on “Lady Skater Dress No. 3

    1. Thanks Karen. No I didnt use a facing. The fabric is sturdy enough to do with just turning under the seam and sewing a narrow zigzag (plus the truth is I didnt have enough fabric for a facing so it didnt cross my mind though in hindsight it might be the better option for such a neckline).


    1. Thanks Ali! I havent yet decided on my theme for the Moneta party – luckily I can whip up a Moneta a couple of hours so there’s no hurry yet :-). Have you made yours yet?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No, just the Tigger toile! Not sure I’ll ever wear it in real life, might be good if any friends ever need me to babysit for little ones, they’d love it 🤣


  1. The scoop neck is one of my favourite features of the Lady Skater but, needs must, and you’ve made a great job of the higher neck especially as you had to be careful with the amount of fabric you had (which is gorgeous by the way).

    Liked by 1 person

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