Ottobre Kids Design 01/2014 : Birthday Dresses (Funny Faces)

Hello again,

I made some more dresses for my little people’s birthday outfits. This is the pattern that I used.

Ottobre Design Kids 01/2014

I made one change which was to have a straight skirt rather than a gathered skirt. Much as I’d love to say this was intentional – it was down to poor time management on my part. I wanted to make the dresses with a tulle underskirt as well as the gathered skirt so they could  have swirly twirly dresses.  I arrogantly thought I could whip them up in a couple of hours, however, by the time we got to the eve of their birthday we’d had 60% of the little people ill and I could feel that I was catching it too. Energy was low and I realised I had to make the dresses (because they had been promised) but I altered them to make in the quickest way possible.

I am not proud of myself for this, but I do promise that this year I will do better. The girls loved their dresses though (which made me feel even worse ironically). They turned 3 and had a brilliant day with loads of gifts and games and cake. I cant believe that its been 3 years already!

I bought the jersey from Jacks Fabrics at Leeds Market. Its a lightweight poly jersey at £3 per meter. It pills like mad though so its not something I will use to make day to day clothes. I have about 2 meters left which will make some PJs for the kids. I dont mind pilling on PJs as much.

Here is a picture from their birthday wearing the dresses.


Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

Peace and love,



20 thoughts on “Ottobre Kids Design 01/2014 : Birthday Dresses (Funny Faces)

  1. Aw, they look so cute, and straight skirt on a dress is better than no dress, so well done squeezing in making them. Don’t you think the pattern looks the the Moneta? Maybe you could make them one so they can join in the moneta party! 😃

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    1. It does a little – I just have to raise the waist a bit. I will definitely try to make them some for the #monetaparty. I am making 2 but havent decided which I will enter for the party 🙂


  2. Three is a lovely age, if I remember correctly – or perhaps time has erased the worse bits 😉 It looks like the girls had a wonderful birthday and you are a good Mum for making any dresses at all when you were feeling poorly.

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