Simplicity 1473 Girls Hooded Dresses

My greatest sewing pleasure is sewing for my little people – but sewing for the twinks is my joy. I love choosing contrasting fabrics to make them garments that are the same but different. I have a soft spot for Simplicity 1473 as it was one of the first garments I made for my son. The top I made then in 2014 is still around and my twins wear it now  <link here>. Here is the pattern cover.1473

I am proud of these makes because the fabric was not a stasher (stasher is long term resident of the stash). I made them within 1 month of buying the fabric.

I bought the fabric from B&M Fabrics. It’s a fleece backed sweater fabric that is very warm. It washes really well. When I took these pictures the dresses had been washed several times already but the colour is still good.


I have cut out another pair of these dresses already waiting to be sewn up. The new owners love their dresses :-).

Thanks for stopping by, until next time, happy sewing,

Peace and love,



18 thoughts on “Simplicity 1473 Girls Hooded Dresses

  1. I so wish I’d sewn for my girls when they were little but I was going through a different phase of interests at the time and now it’s too late – one sews for herself and the other isn’t really interested in clothes per se. Love that front pocket feature which it looks as if they make the most of.

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    1. Thanks Theresa! Oddly enough I am better at keeping my knitting under control though I have read of knitters who have Stash Beyond Life Expectancy which made me laugh so much 🙂 Because my fabric stash probably falls under that category!

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