Burda Young B6719 Mens Casual Pants Pattern Review

My other half is my loudest cheerleader who deserves to benefit from my sewing addiction. So in order to show my appreciation of his support I made him some much needed joggers for lounge-wear.burda-6719-burda-mens-easy-sewing-pattern-6719-casual-pants-shorts

As usual I bought this pattern during a half price sale around November last year. The turnaround on this project was rapid given that both sewing pattern and fabric were purchased in November with pants completed in December #smug :-).

I found the fabric during my first visit to The Shuttle in Shipley. I actually bought 2 colours – grey and black – at £7/meter.

The pattern is quite straight forward to make. The instructions are good on this one. I didn’t add the cord at the waist as hubs said he wasn’t bothered. I didn’t need to make any alterations to the pattern which is always  a win. Based on his waist measurement I traced the size 38. Initially he thought they weren’t baggy enough for him but after he spent a day wearing them he changed his mind. I think its just that he was used to his very old previous joggers which were HUGE on him.

The pattern calls for use of the fashion fabric on the trouser cuff but I opted for black cuffing at the ankles instead. I think that works much better IMHO. The fabric has kept up very well – these get worn all the time and consequently get laundered frequently. However the fabric has yet to pill. Some fabrics pill pretty much straightaway hence why I am impressed enough to pick up more the next time I go to the Shuttle.

Burda B6719
Burda B6719


His verdict is that they are comfy and warm but the pockets should be deeper. I will be making this for him again in the grey, with deeper pockets of course.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time, happy sewing!

Peace and love,



13 thoughts on “Burda Young B6719 Mens Casual Pants Pattern Review

  1. Hi Hila, I made a pair of these for my boyfriend last year as well. I used sweatshirt fabric. He too thought they weren’t baggy enough but any opportunity he gets, I will find him in them. Glad I have found another person who has had success with this pattern. I think ribbing at the ankle is much neater too. Great post.

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  2. Cool! I’ve not thought about making joggers for the menfolk. Not sure H would appreciate them unless I stitch 3 stripes on them, but I’m sure the hubby would – he has to by extra long length trousers but has to make do with standard length for joggers.
    Even more inspiration!! Hila, what are you doing to me!!?? lol 😉

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    1. Thanks Kate. Yes their shape is so different. I tried drafting some joggers before buying this pattern but I couldnt get my head around it. This pattern cost £2.85 which was money well spent.


  3. These are some great joggers! Ribbing for the cuffs is a fab idea. And what is it with patterns for these pants and the too-shallow pockets?!? My hubs had the same complaint about his Hudson pants, so his 3rd and 4th pairs got some extra pocket room. Now his whole phone fits in them, and he is happy. 😉

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