Portuguese Knitting Craftsy Class : A Review

During Black Friday sales last year, I bought a few Craftsy classes. One of them was Portuguese Knitting. The instructor is Andrea Wong, who is a very good and thorough instructor. I enjoyed the class immensely.

I bought this classes because I had read about how Portuguese knitting creates less strain on the hands. It’s widely cited as much better knitting style to prevent hand injuries. I was a continental knitter but it caused a lot of strain on my hands and I couldn’t knit for more than an hour without my hands becoming fatigued and achy the next day.

Because Crafsty has the 30 day guarantee I though I could always return this if it wasn’t delivering (I have returned Craftsy classes which haven’t delivered on their promise). I decided to make the free hat pattern that comes with the class to get practice.20161228_103646_hdr_medium

After a few tries I was up and running. Its much less strain on my hands. The first time I knit for the usual one hour and I had no pain in my hands the next day. On the second night I knit for almost 2 hours watching a film in bed. I had no pain the next morning either – and so on and so on. Gradually I built up my speed. Tensioning was my biggest problem. My tension was all over the place initially but once the new style had settled in it was fine. Like learning any new technique – the key is practice, practice, practice.

With Portuguese knitting you can use  the neck for tensioning or a pin.0c8b8fd302b300cca6e7d7c5929fc17f knittingpinswithbeads

Magnetic pin option

I didn’t buy one – I made one using a safety-pin and one of my earrings. It works perfectly fine – I just have to be sure I am wearing a top I don’t mind having pin holes in. I knit at night in bed or early morning anyway. When I am out and about at kids activities I rarely bring the pin out and just use my neck.


Here is a Youtube clip showing how to purl PK style by Andrea Wong.

I am very happy with this and its given  me hope that my knitting need no longer be tainted by a fear of achy fatigued hands.

The class also shows you how to do colourwork and cables and lacework. Everything you need to know and it well structured.

Definitely one of my favourite classes to date.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace and love,




10 thoughts on “Portuguese Knitting Craftsy Class : A Review

  1. I don’t have any problem knitting for a long time but I might recommend this method to my Mum and friend who both have rheumatoid arthritis and have almost given up on knitting – perhaps this would be easier for them.

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  2. My right hand is starting to get very sore after knitting (my index finger is bent now at the first joint – arthritis maybe) and this method looks very ‘kind’. Thanks for drawing attention to the Craftsy class.

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